Nichola Daunton

Freelance writer

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A multi-talented freelance writer and editor with a broad range of experience in sectors such as: travel, disability, arts and culture, finance, and leisure. I have written content for start-ups, small businesses, and major charities, and currently work as Deputy Content Editor for the online magazine Disability Horizons.

Andy's Kars
Driverless Cars: Are they coming to a town near you? - Andy's Kars

According to Google, Tesla and even Renault, by 2020 there are going to be driverless cars on our streets. In fact, in some cities around England, driverless vehicles will be appearing as early as July this year. The pod-like cars, which are similar in design to the pods currently used to shuttle passengers around Heathrow ...

The Upcoming
Experiment at Ketel One Spice Market for London Cocktail Week

Amid a tangle of tomato plants in the basement of Covent Garden's Thomas Neal Centre lurks the Ketel One Spice Market, possibly the world's (or at least London's) most alcoholic temporary purveyor of herbs and spices. A major player in London Cocktail Week, with their hub located further down Earlham Street, Ketel One have given [...]

Disability Horizons
An accessible introduction to Catalonia

Catalonia is the place for you if you're thinking of taking a trip to Spain this year, especially if you want to find accessible activities. The 6th largest autonomous region in Spain, Catalonia offers its visitors a stunning mix of rugged mountains, golden beaches, sun-kissed cities and elegant architecture; from the Roman villas of Tarragona, to the glittering modern skyscrapers of Barcelona.

Where to Find the Best Ice Skating Rinks in London

When it comes to festive fun in London, there are few activities more popular than ice skating. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, get in the festive spirit this winter by checking out some of London's most magical ice skating rinks.

Disability Horizons
The amazing 3D printed Water Leg | Disability Horizons

Disability Horizons writer Nichola Daunton talks to Standard Cyborg CEO and Silicon Valley resident Jeff Huber, inventor of the 3D printed Water Leg, a low cost prosthetic limb that could change the way you shower, swim and hang out at the beach...