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Dallas Observer

The North Texas Hip-Hop Sampler, 2012 1/2 Edition

Mixtape celebrating local hip-hop's spirited first half of 2012.

Dallas Observer

Anatomy of a Flying Pig

Feature on Dallas hip-hop duo A.Dd+.

Dallas Observer

Poor Vida's Third Annual Elements of Hip-Hop Drops Knowledge

Local promoters host all-day event to celebrate hip-hop roots.

North Texas Hip-Hop

[REVIEW] A.Dd+, galleryCat, The Mohicans at Club Dada

Review of A.Dd+'s final local show before they join The Claps and Slaps Tour opening for Black Milk.

Dallas Observer

Sore Losers Collectively Reinvent Themselves

The tale of the reinvention of the local hip-hop outfit Sore Losers.

Dallas Observer

It's all “Fa Shiggadow” to Hip-Hop Duo The Mohicans

Feature on the ascending star of The Mohicans, the surprise winner of this year's Dallas Observer Music Award for best local hip-hop artist.

Dallas Observer

Best Local Hip-Hop of 2011

A look back at the year in North Texas Hip-Hop.

Dallas Observer

A Cool Open Mic Night? It Exists.

A look at a local open mic night that features some of the most talented wordsmiths and musicians in the city.

Dallas Observer

Last Night: Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) at House of Blues

Mos Def & Talib Kweli reunite for a tour that amounted to a return to a golden hip-hop era.

Dallas Observer

Physical CD Sales Still Thrive at Dallas’ Big T Bazaar

Nobody buys music anymore? Think again. The local bazaar scene is making cash galore.

Dallas Observer

A.Dd+ When Pigs Fly album review

Review of A.Dd+'s hotly anticipated debut.

Dallas Observer

Q&A: DJ Shadow Talks Hip-Hop's Past, The Internet's Present and Music's Future

Discussing this shaky time in the world of music & technology with the legendary DJ Shadow.

Dallas Observer

Meet Chucky Sly, Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper

Chucky Sly is the guy that your favorite local rapper wants to be.

In This Economy?

Hey economy, beer me!

When bars give out free drinks, everybody wins.

In This Economy?

FIU Cheerleaders Slang Skin on Miami Streets for Cash

Florida International University, you’re doing the whole college thing all wrong.

The N. Period

Tony Bones Interview

Interview with luminary Dallas street artist Tony Bones in the run up to his solo show debut at The Public Trust.