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I was born and raised in Germany. I'm a graduate of Goldsmiths College - University of London/UK, where I studied what I am passionate about - Creative and Life Writing & English Literature.

My goal is to create stories that are deep and meaningful.

In summer 2018, I self-published my novel HEART LIKE A HOLE on Amazon and various other online platforms in North America as well as Europe-wide. I'm determined to dedicate my time entirely to writing one day!

For more info, please visit the bio page on my blog.

Oh, my motivation is green tea and Rock.

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Below you will find some pieces of fiction (short stories) as well as non-fiction (podcast, interviews, etc.). Feedback is appreciated.

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"One has many memories which are deeply entombed. It is the process of writing which brings these small bits of memory to the surface. But one isn't aware of it. One doesn't know where they come from. One cannot put them into focus. From time to time one is able to retrace the path and reach the origin……. The writer's works are born from these hidden springs"
- Paul Auster

An Existential Child

When you grow up, you go through some form of an identity crisis. You start to wonder what the purpose of your existence is and how you can contribute to the world in which you live. First, you will discover your hobbies and build on them.

The Other Stories
Episode 227 - "Drive" by Paula Cheung - The Other Stories

She is a nurse at the hospital in the Northwest and doesn't own a car. I later learned that she can't drive and doesn't have the time to learn either. Her hours are from four to midnight, and often she misses her last bus.


Posted on Apr 24, 2017 in Fiction | 0 comments She is a nurse at the hospital in the Northwest and doesn't own a car. I later learned that she can't drive and doesn't have the time to learn, either. Her hours are from four to midnight and often she misses her last bus.

Heart Like A Hole
Heart Like A Hole, Paula C. Deckard

Paula has published her first book of fiction 'Heart Like A Hole'. Visit the website for more info on purchasing the paperback version!

Three years

Posted on Jan 22, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments Three years ago I arrived in Canada - ready for a new start, adventure, purpose. Three years prior to that I arrived in London - ready to show the first draft of my novel to fellow students, writers and tutors.

My conversation with Ho Li-Fuk

Posted on Oct 17, 2013 in Fiction | 0 comments Introduction: October 2013: I had two things in mind at VPL this afternoon, which was to continue working on the short story and also finish reading The mind of Mr. Soames .

Hand covers bruise

Posted on Feb 14, 2011 in Fiction | 0 comments " I do not know how much of my writing is true, or which parts (if any) are true. This is a potentially lethal situation. We have fiction mimicking truth, and truth mimicking fiction. We have a dangerous overlap, a dangerous blur.

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