Lisa Newhouse

Copywriter/Content Marketing Specialist

United States

I'm a former pharmaceutical salesperson who uses my sales skills to write persuasive copy with the intent to increase sales by accelerating customers through marketing funnels.

Audubon Companies
Energy Transition

Audubon leverages, engineering expertise, & integrated technical capabilities to energy transition projects.

World Cement Magazine
Scanning For Success

3D scanning article I wrote while working for Penta Engineering Corp. They specialize in industrial engineering for cement plants. One of my strengths is absorbing technical information and quickly putting that information to work for marketing success.

Children's Factory Blog
Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Classroom - Children's Factory

Technology has significantly affected our culture. Children appear to have become the most profoundly affected age group. Their whole lives revolve around technology, and they have never known a day without it. Can the absence of nature's elements in the educational environment cause stress levels to be elevated?

Children's Factory Blog
Are Nature Schools Vogue or the New Gold Standard? - Children's Factory

Over the last 3 years, nature schools, forest kindergartens, and outdoor preschools have exponentially grown in number in the U.S. according to The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). Collectively known as nature preschools, nature-based learning has become a popular choice. NAAEE's study claims there were 585 nature preschools in the U.S.

Children's Factory Blog
Can Classroom Design Affect Learning? - Children's Factory

Classrooms designed with stimulation, individuality and naturalness in mind often have a positive impact on learning. According to research conducted by Peter Barrett, PhD, DSc, Faye Davies, PhD, Yufan Zhang, PhD, and Lucinda Barrett, PhD, naturalness accounts for about 50% of the impact whereas individuality and stimulation account for about 25% each.

Children's Factory Blog
Higher EQ: The Formula for Better Learning - Children's Factory

Do littles have stress in their lives? It probably comes as no surprise the answer is yes. Children experience stress over small things like whether their jeans look cool, but they also worry about more important issues.

Children's Factory Catalog

I wrote the copy for each section of the 2021 catalog and conceptualized new titles for each section in the colored bubbles. I have included each section's copy - not the entire catalog since I'm sure you are not interested in sifting through a 200 page catalog.

Children's Factory Blog
Reimagining the Gen. A Learning Environment - Children's Factory

A child's learning environment can significantly affect everything from performance and well-being to their ability to process information and achieve academic success. Gen A. refers to Generation Alpha. This age group starts with children born in 2012 and will continue through those born till about 2025.

Children's Factory Blog
How to Move Kids Through the Stages of Play - Children's Factory

Have you ever noticed when you play a sport or engage in any activity with someone who is slightly more skilled, it often stimulates and motivates you to up your game? This principle is universal and applies to people of all ages and skill levels.

Children's Factory Blog
Magic, Fort Building and The Whatsit™ - Children's Factory

There is a magical world of fort building happening all over the world. Whether built indoors or out, experts say kids love constructing forts and their growth and development benefits during the process. It all starts with a little imagination and the tools needed to get started.

Children's Factory Blog
Can You Walk a Mile in My Velcro® Shoes - Children's Factory

In 1968, Velcro® replaced shoelaces for the first time. Athletic shoe manufacturer, Puma, introduced the world's first sneakers fastened with hook and loop instead of shoelaces. It started a revolution in footwear for children. Society is still reaping the consequences of this trend in 2022.