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I am a versatile writer with completed work as a comedy/dramatic writer, arts journalist, creative copywriter, and program writer. I also produce live shows, online videos, and events. I am passionate about storytelling and do my best work when there's room for a little humor within!

The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival
Neha Talreja

I performed original stand-up, and set up Browntourage as a community partner for one of the stages. Browntourage is a media agency dedicated to highlighting the work of creatives of color that I work with, The Comedy Comedy Festival is a comedy festival based in Los Angeles, California. It features incredible comedic talent from Southern California. The festival is packed with stand up, sketch, improvised and scripted comedy shows from the best in Asian American comedic talent.

SF Weekly
Norwegian Reality Dating Show Wants to Help San Franciscans Find Love

From the producers of Jakten på kjærligheten: Bonderomantikk ( Farmer Wants a Wife) comes yet another Norwegian reality TV show, Sons of Norway -- which is casting in San Francisco for its second season. Norwegian reality TV programming featuring Norwegian-American "contestants" has spiked in popularity in the last couple of years.

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You're a Good, Angsty Teen, Charlie Brown: Dog Sees God at Boxcar - By - SF Weekly

Linus van Pelt, Charlie Brown's best friend in Charles M. Schulz's beloved Peanuts comic, usually played the role of the theologian amongst the gang, often reflecting Schulz's own faith by quoting from the Gospels. In Bert V. Royal's play Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, a teenaged Linus, "Van," (because in general writers ... Full author page/archives:

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Epileptic Bicycles and Pessimistic Jenga -- Kid Stores Turn Dark

Teen-angst hero Daria once asked, "Is life always taudry, stupid, and humiliating? Or is it just a phase?" In San Francisco, no one understands this better than our precocious little beacons of hope -- the children. Full author page/archives:


I produced and hosted this show, as well as wrote short, scripted videos to be shown in between live performers. (See on event page) COMEDY & MUSIC with all kinds of brown baes out here to help you get your laugh on, love ur look & feel some type of way about conscious consumption. We're really stoked on this line-up y'all-they're all incredibly talented, funny AF performers chosen out of deep respect for their important work with creatives of color & way of conversating on W T F creates...

7 Web Shows You Should Start Watching Now

Is it too soon to ask who watches TV on TV anymore? I can't remember the last time I wasn't getting real snuggly with my toasty MacBook while catching up on an entire season of How I Met Your Mother.

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Dun DUN: Talking with BD Wong about "Orphan of Zhao"

click to enlarge Therapists and priests belong under a character type BD Wong's got down pat -- most notably in his TV roles as forensic psychologist Dr. Huang ( Law and Order: SVU) and Father Ray Mukada ( Oz) -- and he's well aware of it. Full author page/archives:

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Shit Asian Moms Say: The Touching, Hilarious Musical Legacy of the Tiger Mother

Two-woman musical Legacy of the Tiger Mother doesn't deal with the most original themes (motherhood, Asian-American stereotypes, a little bit of Mao thrown in a back story) in its delightful one-piano, two-voice production, but I'll be damned if I wasn't choking down a few smiling tears with the best of em' by the end -- maybe its my own biological clock kicking in, maybe I'm a sucker for sentiment, maybe I just really miss my mom. Full author page/archives:...