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Nefertete King


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Experienced copywriter and editor in search of a full-time position. I am familiar with content marketing, social media campaigning, editing, copywriting, SEO, and content system management. Let's talk about your marketing needs!

On My Way
No-spend money challenge | Wells Fargo

After receiving my last paycheck of 2016 and going over budget for the umpteenth time, I made a New Year's resolution to take more control over my finances. I decided to challenge myself to do a "no-spend month." What is that and why would anyone commit to such a thing, you ask?

AD Copy

Several examples of copywriting for Walmart platforms.

On My Way
Demetrius Mensah: Building a brand | Wells Fargo

At the age of 11, struggling to overcome grade school bullying and harassment, Demetrius Mensah had reached a point where he wanted to give up. Desperate to find an escape from his pain, he started thinking back to third grade, when he drew a freehand still life of a boot.

College Connection
Quiz: What kind of college roommate are you? | Wells Fargo

Find out if you're easy to cohabitate with - and tips for improving your roommate relationships. Almost everyone experiences the roommate life in college, and many people opt to live with a friend post-graduation to help save money. But how compatible of a roommate are you?

On My Way
Criseida Rico: #WhatSheTechs | Wells Fargo

Criseida took a job at a software company and quickly learned - as the only woman in the office - that the tech industry as a whole lacked the presence of women. "After being there for a year, it became very frustrating not having my ideas taken seriously by the guys."

College Connection
College student moving tips | Wells Fargo

It's the end of the semester and summer is likely on your mind. The last thing you want to think about is what you're going to do with all your stuff when you have to move out of your dorm or apartment.

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