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Harper's Bazaar Singapore
Louis Vuitton launches the 'Tambour VVV' collection

This year, Louis Vuitton is creating an extended Tambour line with Tambour VVV, a collection inspired by their iconic advertisement from the mid-60s. The advertisement read " Volez, Voguez, Voyagez avec les valises Louis Vuitton"-it's where the triple V signature originated from-and now the iconic symbol has been incorporated into a timepiece for the first time.

Harper's Bazaar Singapore
Dior Launches The Dior VIII Grand Bal Pièce Unique "Envol" Timepiece

The house of Dior is synonymous with timeless luxury, elegance and modernity-these ideals have long been identified with the house through the designs and attitude of their haute couture collections and jewellery. Christian Dior himself was a great savant of life's finest, and this was reflected in his personal life.

Harper's Bazaar Singapore
Swarovski and Kim Thomé Collaborate On An Art Installation For London Design Festival

If someone said diamonds are a girl's best friend, they clearly haven't heard about the new installation by designer Kim Thomé, who has collaborated with Swarovski to showcase a landmark project for the London Design Festival. Running from 19-27 September, the project, titled Zotem, is an 18-metre-tall, double-sided monolith embedded with more than 600 bespoke Swarovski crystals.

Harper's Bazaar Singapore
Ralph Lauren Celebrates 15 Years Of The Pink Pony Campaign

This year, Ralph Lauren is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its long-running Pink Pony Campaign, which has supported medically under-served communities experiencing breast cancer in various ways such as education, treatment and research. "Breast cancer is not just a women's issue," said the designer.