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Houston Press
The 10 Best Spots to Build Houston's Live-Music Strip

There's no shortage of live music in Houston - diverse and quality acts can be found plying their trade on stages large and small all over the city. And that's a problem: The tunes are too spread out, too scattered, without a central hub to dig in and build around...

Houston Press
The 10 Best Far-Flung Music Venues in the Greater Houston Area

For a lot of Houston's live music fans, the scene stretches no further north than Fitzgerald's - and not that far south of Walters, either. Though it feels like we've been complaining about how spread out it is forever, the all-caps Houston Music Scene is generally accepted to reside inside...

Magazine Articles

Texas Music Magazine
Pioneers: Blind Willie Johnson

Nearly 90 years after he became one of Texas' earliest black recording stars, the life of Blind Willie Johnson remains almost completely shrouded in mystery. The dearth of information on this sightless musician with the startling voice and the ethereal slide guitar style isn't due to any lack of looking for it, either.

Houston Press
Don't Knock the Hustle: Houston's 2016 Music-Scene Forecast Calls for Hard Work

As the 2010s pass the halfway point, the Houston music scene is in a state of transition. The decade's most successful local concert promoters are putting the finishing touches on a new multi-stage venue they hope will elevate the live-music experience to another level while retaining a uniquely local character...

Texas Music Magazine " Spotlight On... Claire Morales

DENTON'S MUSIC SCENE - one of the state's most celebrated - has always been defined by a certain ephemeral nature. The college town's most impressive draw, the University of North Texas' storied school of music, brings in a bumper crop of talented and ambitious young musicians every year, and the city affords them with a half-dozen or so quality live music venues where they can try out their artistic voices in front of appreciative, practically captive audiences.

Online Retail/SEO
Paintbrush Buyers Guide

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Arrested Development Mr. Banana Grabber Ash Grey Adult T-shirt

No touching my banana! G.O.B. Bluth's proprietary Mr. Banana Grabber advertising mascot is the star of this officially licensed "Arrested Development" t-shirt. You'll be a hit at the boardwalk wearing this ash gray tee depicting an anthropomorphic banana riding a Segway.

Newspaper Articles

The Galveston County Daily News
UTMB researcher finds key to mad cow disease

GALVESTON - Consumers' worries about mad cow disease may have dwindled but ranchers remain painfully aware that without a cure the illness isn't going away.

Houston Press
Aesop Rock at the Finish Line

It's been five years since Aesop Rock has released a new album. Pretty soon, he's going to need a vacation. That's because despite the long gap between solo records, San Francisco's indie-rap icon never really stopped working. Since recording 2007's None Shall Pass, Aesop Rock has toured the world, produced...

The Galveston County Daily News
More than 700 show up to see president

GALVESTON - Lines stretched around the block while people waited with tickets in hand to be let through the doors to find their seats.

Press Releases

New OBJE Gaming App Bluff Wars 2.0 Surpasses Expectations

New OBJE Gaming App Bluff Wars 2.0 Surpasses Expectations Bluff Wars 2.0, the hot new mobile gaming app developed and released by OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) in partnership with FangTooth Studios, has exceeded developers' lofty expectations in several crucial performance metrics, the company announced today.

GTSO Finalizes Agreement With Chilerecicla

Green Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: GTSO), an environmentally conscious company with an ongoing interest in delivering "green friendly" solutions to a global market, today finalized a joint venture agreement with Chilerecicla to purchase and export e-waste. The agreement with Chilerecicla, a premier Chile-based e-waste exporter, allows GTSO to work toward the development of an international waste management collection, processing and sales operation.

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