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Nathaniel Cary

Investigative Reporter, The Greenville (S.C.) News

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I am an award-winning South Carolina-based investigative reporter. I have experience covering the environment, education, breaking news, criminal justice, law enforcement, business, energy, (state and local) government, politics, sports and features. Looking to hold powerful accountable and improve the life of my community.

The Greenville News
TAKEN: How police departments make millions by seizing property

I was part of a team of reporters who spent two years gathering information, creating a database, and putting together a groundbreaking investigation into civil asset forfeiture in South Carolina. The final product consisted of six installments, plus dozens of sidebars and profiles, and immediately began to change the mindset around police ability to seize money from people, sometimes without ever charging them with a crime.

The Greenville News
Falsely charged for cocaine that was bird poop, college QB speaks as case handling is investigated

An investigation into the handling of a traffic stop that led to the arrest of a college football quarterback on drug charges after an officer thought bird poop on his car hood was cocaine. Local sheriff's offices use drug field tests despite recommendations from the State Law Enforcement Division. SLED doesn't recommend the use of drug field tests, but local agencies use them anyway.

The Greenville News
Protests show transition of civil rights groups in Greenville

When 250-300 Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in Falls Park in Greenville on a bright Saturday evening in the days that followed the videotaped shooting deaths of two black men by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, it was an establishe

The Greenville News
Devastation in the heart of agricultural South Carolina

Anita Hunt sat and stared into the distance at the water that glistened as it spilled across the highway that leads to her home. Or at least what was her home. She didn't know anymore. She hadn't seen it yet and probably wouldn't for days to come.

Environmental investigations

The Greenville News
DHEC failed to properly monitor water for lead

Part of a USA TODAY Network investigation. I found that state regulators hadn't properly monitored systems with failed lead tests. The agency made changes after I asked questions.

Education stories

The Greenville News
Debate rages over Clemson's Tillman Hall

I broke the story that some at Clemson wanted to rename an iconic building. A dozen stories later, Clemson renounced Tillman and took steps to improve the racial climate.

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