Nathan Chung


Location icon United States

I'm an LA based Photojournalist. I like shooting features, sports, and various events. This is a portfolio of some of my work that has gotten published.

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Taking a breather; the mental rest stops - The Roundup News

College can be one of the most stressful periods of times in anybody's life, but everyone, regardless of intelligence or skill, is entitled to a break every once and awhile. Anahita Karimi Bidhendiis, a Biology major in the honors transfer program, shows that pacing oneself doesn't get in the way of academic success.

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Food at Pierce - The Roundup News

Photos by Nathan Chung and Christopher Torres Copy by Angelica Lopez From the cafeteria to the food truck to the Brahma Cafe, there are a variety of options to choose from such as hamburgers, burritos or even bagels. Students can save their gas money and eat reasonably-priced options without ever having to leave campus.

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The importance of knowing your roots - The Roundup News

Culture, it is the manifestation of the arts, customs, and achievements of a collective group, It is our roots, it is what gives us a sense of identity. Angelita Rovero a Chicano studies professor understands how it felt to lack an identity, and amongst all her other accomplishments she made it her life's work to ...