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Love Avocados Too Much? Kiss Your Home Owning Dreams Goodbye

What on Earth, one would wonder, is the connection between real estate and avocados? As it turns out, an inversely proportionate one. Too much of the latter (avocados) means none of the former. Duh. Avocados are evil. If you think we have used the word "avocado" way too many times already, then, well, get used to it.

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Will Emotional Support Animals Abolish No-Pet Rules In NYC?

Oh, the pain of being a pet owner in New York City while not owning a house. One can't fully comprehend how tough it can be until they tried to limit the apartment search on Craigslist to the famous "dogs OK - woof" and watched all the affordable and reasonably located listings disappear in clouds of smoke.

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Real Estate In Times Of Apocalypse: The Preppers

What constitutes a perfect home? You might be tempted to interrupt us right now with the obvious "a washer and dryer, duh". But we're talking about an ideal world here so forget about your very real, yet first-world struggles for a while. So... a wine cellar? A fireplace?

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Office Boom Denied: New Shiny Spaces In Brooklyn Fail To Attract Big-Name Tenants

The news about Brooklyn becoming a new heavyweight champion in office leasing has been circling around for a minute. Etsy, Slate, Vice Media-as these giants opted to set their headquarters in Brooklyn, it seemed safe to predict that others (and by "others," we mostly mean tech startups and creative companies) will follow the lead.

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A Gigantic Office Building At 25 Kent Avenue Is Coming To Williamsburg

Williamsburg is many things-hipster mecca, foodie paradise, a refuge for Hassidic Jews. A top destination for briefcase-carrying disciplined nine-to-fivers is not one of them. You live in Williamsburg. You play in Williamsburg. But work? That's across the Hudson River. Good luck getting there on time with the infamous L train shutdown.
Fighters of New York: Zarrukh Adashev -

NYC's fighting scene is so diverse, you can hardly find two people who get into the ring for the same reason. Competing means many things for different people. For some it's more of a soul-searching journey, a newly discovered passion, or a way to battle their inner demons.

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Selling Haunted Houses-Do You Have To Disclose?

Once, there was a real estate agent who had the listing which, as the seller reported, was haunted by a young boy. When her ad came out in one of the local newspapers, there was a dark figure of a boy in the picture. Spooked yet?

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Are Raccoons Plotting To Take Over The City? Harlem Residents Think So

Life in New York City can, indeed, be dark and full of terrors. Just take a look at the famous Judgmental map of NYC, for example: it's either tourists, contaminated waters of Gowanus, or privileged white kids partying on Monday nights in residential areas.

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Boring Architecture Can Negatively Impact Our Emotional State

When you live in NYC, you sort of owe it to society to feel happy and blessed. You'd better be. I mean, there are much worse places to live in. Yes, some of us get occasional valid excuses for feeling despair (like bedbug infestation) but others fail at being happy without any understandable reason.

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Rikers Island Could Become A Real Estate Paradise For Developers

OK, folks. Name one place in New York that hasn't fallen prey to the development frenzy. We bet you won't find any. Gloomy East New York? Inaccessible Gerritsen Beach? Long gone. It seems that NYC's every nook and cranny is either currently under construction-or already boasts some building complex with an unholy price tag.

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Power Architecture: What Happens When Dictators Make Buildings

Have you seen the polls lately? We here at Agorafy have. And yet, due to our journalistic impartiality, we are not at liberty to express out political views. Nonetheless, current political events have, shall we say, brought our attention to certain things. What does future hold for us?

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Manhattan Retail Market Is Turning Into A Ghost Town

Halloween seasonal madness is gone, but several Manhattan districts still look kind of spooky. These days, NYC's most iconic stretches, like Fifth Avenue, as the Real Deal put it, resemble ghost towns. No, it's got nothing to do with the election results (we at Agorafy are still processing what just happened).

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The Two Worlds Collide In NYC's Class - Divided Inwood

NYC is often compared to a melting pot, where folks of different ethnic, religious background are all united by one coffee and bagel line. But if you think about it, could NYC neighborhoods be more cliché? Nuclear families earning six figures head for Park Slope. Poor people live in areas like East New York.