Nate Rauh-Bieri

(Occasional) Climate Writer

United States

As an environmental professional, I regularly write comms materials. But I also write occasional articles on climate and environmental topics, especially from the angles of personal engagement, faith and spirituality, social justice, and psychology. Writing helps me think, learn, and act; I hope my work helps readers do the same.

I've written for online outlets and my own blog, Movement & Meaning. Views = my own.

Why the 2023 UN Climate Report Matters to Christians - BioLogos

What is the recent IPCC Report, and how should Christians respond? Here I summarize the report and offer some suggestions on what I think it means for Christians. We have opportunities to prevent damage and transform society for the common good.

The People Singing Mary's Song Today Are Youth Climate Activists

Young women are leading the global movement calling for climate justice, even as government leaders fall short at global talks. For moral clarity and courage in this era of climate crisis, we’d do well to listen to and imitate the young women leading the way.

Do Justice
A Better Way Than Climate Paralysis (Actually, 5 Ways)

Those of us who are all-too-aware of injustices around the world can easily succumb to a sense of powerlessness, or paralysis, or continue patterns of avoidance or bystanderism...So let’s leave aside the question of massive trends and scary events and political gridlock for now. Let’s take up instead the question of how to be helpful in this era.

Do Justice
Bending the Arcs

As far as the moral and physical arcs of the universe go, there will perhaps never be a window of time where it’s so important and possible to bend them in the same direction—away from heat and toward justice—than this year and the next few.

On Hope

Hope, I've learned from wise people, ought not be a precondition to acting, based on sight or emotion or even evidence, but rather on a practice of acting in hopeful ways. Hope is acting with courage in the face of an unknown future.

The Better Samaritan with Jamie Aten and Kent Annan
Did COP26 Have Spiritual Implications? Yes, Says One Attendee.

A lot was at stake last month in Glasgow, Scotland during the UN Climate Conference (COP26). The summit brought together the nations of the world to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions-to keep the crucial threshold of 1.5°C of warming in reach-and move financial support pledged to the countries most harmed by climate change.

The Better Samaritan with Jamie Aten and Kent Annan
Decisions Made at the UN Climate Conference Could Save Millions of Lives

Sunday began COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The event is widely considered one of the most important and urgent opportunities to date to curb the climate crisis' most deadly effects. It is being watched closely, including by Christians, for its life-and-death implications.

Movement & Meaning

Occasional writings on the interplays between action and reflection, practice and thought, outer and inner worlds - and how they help us face this climate era.