Natasha Eve Wynarczyk

Feature / health writer

Location icon United Kingdom

I am currently working as a journalist at Time Inc. UK's Real Life Group (Chat, Chat - it's Fate and Pick Me Up magazines), but I also regularly freelance for Marie Claire UK, Broadly and The Debrief.

The Debrief
The Eye-Watering Condition That Means You Basically Have Cystitis 24/7

Natasha Wynarczyk | Contributing Writer | Saturday, 5 December 2015 The Debrief: Ever had a UTI? Imagine having those symptoms on a permanent basis. Yep, just imagine. Picture the scene. It's a Friday night, and after a few drinks at the bar you feel a very urgent need to pee.

The Debrief
Ask An Adult: How Can I Tell A Headache From A Migraine?

Natasha Wynarczyk | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 17 November 2015 The Debrief: Also, WTF do you do when you get a migraine... In March 2014, I stumbled into Homerton Hospital looking for an out-of-hours GP. I'd spent two days vomiting bile as I struggled to deal with a throbbing pain in my head and an intolerance to light.