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Natalie Healey

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Should you be eating MORE red meat?

Should we be moving towards a plant-based diet for our bodies and our consciences? It's a hotly contested issue and often an incredibly personal one. For some, it's a resounding 'yes' and many are working to reduce their animal intake - approaching Meat-free Monday with gusto.

Why sacrificing sleep is one of the worst things you can do

And when sleep is regularly disrupted it can lead to a range of health problems in the long term, such as: Microsleeps are uncontrollable episodes of light sleep which last for five to ten seconds. They happen when the brain involuntarily goes to sleep and unsurprisingly are caused by fatigue.

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6 things a stomach doctor wants you to know about probiotics

Prioritising our gut health was an important nutrition trend last year and it shows no signs of disappearing in 2017. It means more and more people are considering probiotics in the hope of boosting their immunity and providing relief from common stomach issues from bloating to IBS.

A Broken Heart Could Lead To Permanent Health Problems

Broken heart syndrome can occur after an emotional event, such as the death of a loved one. * Scientists used to think heart damage was temporarily, but new research suggests disease can cause permanent damage. * The study highlights the need to find a more effective treatment for the condition.

The ugly truth about body dysmorphic disorder and cosmetic surgery

There's evidence that when it comes to cosmetic surgery consultations that a high proportion of these will be with BDD patients. Dr O'Connor reveals that studies have estimated that for those seeking nose jobs (rhinoplasty), as many as 20% of them were found to have the condition.

Why don't we have a male birth control pill yet?

And although most drugs have some side effects, when you're a company developing a product for sick people, undesirable reactions are offset by treating the condition. With contraception, as you're giving a pill to healthy people, even the slightest side effect is considered unacceptable.

What it's like to love (and lose) a partner with early onset Alzheimer's

This is undoubtedly a love story. Rachael Dixey, a budding academic met a bubbly, funny and warm-hearted English teacher called Irene in 1980. They hit it off straight away, the love which came so suddenly leading to a partnership that lasted half a lifetime. But this is also a heartbreaking tale of loss.

The warning signs you could be in an abusive relationship

Even if you're not a fan of rural Radio 4 soap The Archers, you'll probably have heard the name Helen Titchener quite a lot over the last few weeks. Listeners have witnessed Helen's husband Rob purposely erode her independence and sense of self over many months and years, building to a chilling climax which has caught the attention of just about everyone recently.

Celestial body - space age X-ray technology

Space travel takes its toll on the bones of astronauts. As NASA plans for longer and riskier missions to other worlds, it is vital this phenomenon is better understood so that relevant countermeasures can be devised.