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Editor-in-Chief of UKClimbing.com, the world's busiest climbing and mountaineering website. Freelance outdoor/adventure writer and translator with work published in various outdoor and adventure publications such as Alpinist Magazine, Sidetracked Magazine, Mondial Magazine and Rock&Snow Japan.

ARTICLE: Pandemic Postponement - Tokyo 2020, Sport Climbing Athletes and Training amid COVID-19

Lurking in the background noise somewhere within the soundscape of the COVID-19 pandemic are shouts and murmurs on the unresolved fate of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as countries begin to unilaterally pull out. It's fair to say that there are far more pressing issues to be concerned with during a global health crisis than the status of "The Greatest Show on Earth", but the Olympics has nonetheless historically been an immovable feast; threatened by boycotts and scandals, but cancelled only...

ARTICLE: The Height of Fashion - Why Designers are Hyped about Climbing

Natalie Berry examines the increasing emergence of climbing-related clothing and accessories in the collections of high-end fashion houses, the politics of finance-bro fleeces and why all the cool kids are getting down with 'gorpcore'... Designers are mimicking climber-style like it's going out of fashion.

ARTICLE: Les Houches - The Alpine Physics School with Altitude

Nestled on a hillside at the foot of Mont Blanc is an unlikely academic institution where some of the finest minds in physics - including 50 Nobel Prize winners and Stephen Hawking - have exercised their thoughts and theorems, interspersed with some high-altitude antics.

ARTICLE: Climbers Against D*ck Pics - Athletes & Social Media Abuse

An Instagram account Climbers Against Dick Pics (@chossyDMs) prompts Natalie Berry to investigate the harassment faced by climbing athletes online. As the climbing community grows, are climbers receiving more abuse? How do experiences of abuse differ between men and women? The direct message icon flashes blue. It's not from an account I follow.

FEATURE: Social Climbers - The Evolving Indoor Climbing Industry

Natalie Berry explores the growing indoor climbing wall industry and the opportunities and challenges that a boom in popularity presents... 'Plastic-pulling' has long been included in the climbing lexicon as a derogatory term for a branch of the sport that was widely deemed inferior.

ARTICLE: Growing Pains - The Weight of Womanhood

Body shape and healthy eating is a weighty topic in climbing, but one that deserves more open discussion - especially with regard to younger female climbers, argues Natalie Berry. Body weight is an...

Alpinist Magazine Issue 65 - Spring 2019
Over the Edge and Off the Map

About 110 miles from the Scottish coast, the archipelago of St Kilda was once home to a centuries' old culture whose members scaled steep cliffs to hunt seabirds to support their community. To tourists, the islands seemed to form a surreal utopia, an "Ultima Thule," where they might live out fantasies of lost paradises. By 1930, however, the original inhabitants, no longer able to maintain their traditional way of life, felt compelled to leave. In 2017 Scottish climber Natalie Berry traveled...

FEATURE: The War is in the Mountains

Natalie Berry met with US war correspondent and author of 'The War is in The Mountains', Judith Matloff, in New York City to discuss mountain conflicts and their often overlooked global implications. ***This is a long read - please consider reading on a desktop device!*** "We do deserts, we don't do mountains."

ARTICLE: Helicopter Rescue in Pakistan - The Past, Present & Future

It has been a record-breaking season for helicopter rescues in Pakistan, with four recent high profile rescues making headlines in both climbing and mainstream media - three of which broke records for flight duration, landing altitude and fixed-line recovery height. An unprecedented 38% of expeditions in Pakistan called for evacuation this season.

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