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Natalia Trejo

Content Editor/Producer

Location icon United States

I am a New York-based writer, editor, and multimedia content creator, I've worked with multiple digital publications covering everything from the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment realms. My experience with editorial also allowed me to work in marketing as a senior copywriter for an extensive portfolio of contemporary footwear brands.

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6 Makeup Tips for Latinas Who like to Embrace Their Freckles

Warmer weather is upon us, which means it's time to drop the layers and that goes for makeup too - especially for us freckled ladies. With sunny days ahead it's time to switch to lighter formulas that will allow for that coveted no-makeup, makeup look and show off your natural beauty.

6 Sustainable Fashion Brands That Don't Hurt the Environment

Over the years I've become better aware of the fashion industry and the stress it causes on the environment - more specifically fast fashion. Between polluting the waters with dyes, textile waste, and mass production, mix that with our obsession for the latest trends and you've got yourself a major environmental problem.

Cuba's first independent fashion brand is putting a graphic spin on ethical fashion

Leire Fernandez and Idania del Rio are pinning Cuba on the fashion map. The creative duo are the founders behind La Havana's first independent fashion brand, Clandestina . Along with their 32-person team consisting mainly of female artists, Leire, who serves as the brand's Executive Director, and Idania, the company's Creative Director, are responsible for making clothing that carries La Havana's heritage and has something to say - literally and figuratively.