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Writer, Teacher, Freelance Community Worker.

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Wordsmith, connector of words and people. Loves reading, therefore compelled to write.

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Philippine Star
Young folks, new strokes

The first time you lend your gaze to art, forget that it's complex. Resist the urge to analyze. Stand still and open your eyes. In the mind's playground, the possibilities are endless and it's those visions that these artists want to show you-if only you'd bother to look.

Education and the 'Muslim problem'

The first time I heard the term "Muslim problem" used in a conversation, I could not help but ask the stranger sitting next to me in a coffee shop what he meant and why he used "Muslim" and "problem" in the same sentence.

No One Reads Sionil Jose

It is three in the afternoon along Padre Faura and the heat is unforgiving. I alight at the bend next to the Supreme Court and carefully tread the path leading to Solidaridad. The bookshop is immediately inviting-from behind the glass windows, the books sit, revealing endless possibilities: all the places and people we've yet to be reel me in.

Why #MillionPeopleMarch matters

It's difficult to discuss what the Monday movement means immediately after the protest. I feel like a traveler who arrived home with dirt on her boots, notebooks full of thoughts and a mind stirring with questions. Where have I been? What have I seen? What perspectives have changed?

The Guidon
Blue Jeans: Death and Tragedy

by: Nash Tysmans I tried my best not to comment anymore on the demise of the National Artist awards. The issue seemed best handled by those vanguards of culture: those whom I believed would keep ours alive for good.