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By: Nashiha Pervin
5 Ways to Help (Not Hinder) Your Online Customers

As a brand and online retailer, do you ever step into your customer’s shoes? And by that I mean, do you ever walk in their footsteps and travel through their online shopping journey? See, if you did, you might be pretty taken back by all the things we as marketers are falling short on. The best way for any brand to improve and grow is through some serious introspection. So here are five things for you to consider doing more of in order to help and improve your customer’s journey online!

By: Nashiha Pervin
The Book of Flaws : A Series of Dark Confessions

The Book of Flaws is a series of dark, interrelated confessions. The author allows the readers to delve into the thoughts of each character, providing a glimpse into their unique stories. Every confession is signed off at the bottom with a psudonym that describes each character best. As readers progress more and more into the book, they will find that some confessions are gory, grim, and that the names at the bottom of each confession play a monumental role in conveying the grander scheme of...

By: Nashiha Pervin
Confessions of a Consumer: What We Want Big Brands to Know

Sales, revenues and conversions. Brands, big or small all measure success by similar metrics. And while numbers are definitely an indicator of progress and accomplishment, we must certainly not overlook, forget or neglect where our real prize lies : within our consumers. You see, every single one of us are consumers. And many, like myself, have the advantage of playing the dual role of a brand marketer and a consumer. By playing both sides of the field, I’ve come to a stark realization :...

By: Nashiha Pervin
4 Painful Truths I Wish I Could Tell My College-Self About Employment

It feels like just yesterday I was applying concealer onto the bags of my stressed-sunken eyes as I studied for my final exam right before graduation. Studying for finals, at the time, was what I had deemed to be one of the most stressful things on the planet.

By: Nashiha Pervin
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Here is the link to my personal blog! I write about everything from relationships, to thriving after abuse, to issues plaguing conservative faith-based communities (often referred to as 'taboo topics').

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