Naomi Francis-Parker


Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a freelance writer currently living in Oxford.

I have a passion for lifestyle, fitness and fashion amongst many other things, and I want to share this passion with others through my stories. I want my words to empower and inspire.

MNSWR Magazine
Style Talk with... MICK

An interview I did with DJ, entrepreneur and trainer enthusiast, MICK for MNSWR Magazine.

MNSWR Magazine
Spot On... Rampley & Co.

An interview I wrote with Elliott Rampley, founder and CEO of Rampley & Co. for MNSWR magazine.

Hip-Hop Culture's Emergence in Fashion

Hip-Hop culture is a fascinating thing, but it is often repudiated for its questionable lyrics, its explicit videos, and its prolific promotion of drugs, sex and "getting paper". However, over the last few years, things have begun to change and our perception of Hip-Hop is no longer based on what is being said, rather, it is moving towards an interest in the people who are saying it.

Project Work

Condé Nast College
The Autavia Legacy

An article I wrote and designed for GQ Style celebrating the re-launch of Tag Heuer's Mark 3 'Rindt' Autavia.

Condé Nast College
Mad about the Boy

An article I wrote for submission to British Vogue on the emergence of menswear silhouette in women's fashion

Condé Nast College
The Emotion Revolution

An article I wrote on mental health for as part of a project for Condé Nast College.

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