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Freelance editor, copywriter and content producer

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⭐ Hello! I'm a freelance editor, copywriter and content producer with over 10 years' experience. My specialism is creating clear, friendly multi-channel copy, delivered in a tone of voice your audience will relate to.

⭐ I'm particularly experienced in both the food and restaurant sector, and the charity sector. I also cover lifestyle, travel, wellbeing and mental health, and sponsored or branded advertorial content.

⭐ I can write and edit copy for your website, magazines, newsletters, blogs, case studies, brochures, leaflets and social media. I'm a dab-hand at picking up CMS, and am very experienced with Photoshop. I understand SEO, know why UX is important, and am very familiar with Google Analytics.

⭐ I can help with developing your brand's tone of voice. Or if you need a hand with campaign planning, project management and organising your content calendar, I've got plenty of experience. I can also produce posts for and schedule your social media, and moderate your online community if needed.

⭐ I'm very experienced, and have worked on campaigns or written copy for clients like The Co-op, Warner Bros, Shelter, Mumsnet, AirBnB, the British Lung Foundation, Norwegian Air, Refugee Action, Secret Cinema, the Evening Standard and Hot Dinners.

⭐ Get in touch! I'd love to hear from you. Email [email protected]

Shelter England
Everyone has the right to a safe and secure home

Campaign copy for Shelter, published on their front page 19/09/19 Yet nearly half of working private renters could be just one missed paycheque away from losing their home. Losing your job is always stressful. But what if it meant you could lose your home, too?

Leaflet for yoga instructor
Cove Equinox Yoga Retreat

Promotional copy for offline leaflet tempting people to Rosie's divine yoga retreat!

Inside the Tiny Kitchens of London's Canal Boat Dwellers

In January 2019, the average monthly rent in London somehow hit £2,000, and buying a home remains as out of reach as ever. Unless you've decided to relocate to a terraced bolthole somewhere in zone six, you're most likely living in a shared flat, with a shared kitchen.

Demand Social Housing Funding

Worked with digital team to create Shelter's Demand Social Housing Funding campaign, including structuring and writing initial campaign copy, and liaising between numerous teams and stakeholders.

Squash & Pumpkin Festival at Garden Museum - Vauxhall

Activities What's On Activities Squash & Pumpkin Festival at Garden Museum The days are getting shorter, the trees are getting barer, and there's the unmistakable chill in the air... it can only mean one thing - it's autumn, and that means it's time for squashes and pumpkins galore.

Hot Dinners
Michelin-starred street food pop-up Hawker Chan returns for 3 days

If you've been kicking yourself for missing Hawker Chan's temporary visit to London last year - and considering the frankly epic queues , we don't blame you - then here's some very important news. The Michelin-starred street food chef is returning once again to King's Cross this March!

British Lung Foundation
I thought I had asthma for 17 years

Niki was wrongly diagnosed with asthma as a child, when in fact she had EILO. Now after treatment, she's enjoying her life, without anything getting in the way. I'd always been an active child and was one of the fastest runners in my year.

Rock Paper Shotgun
King's Quest IV: A love letter from my 3-year-old heart

Like your first love, or your first hangover, you never really forget your first video game. You know the one. The game you were first obsessed by. The game you gushed about to extremely bored friends cornered in the soft play area. For me, one of my earliest memories is playing Sierra's 1988 pixelated wonderland, [...]

Evening Standard
Sandwich Fest: Judging London's best sarnies

What do you get when you mix eight of London's top sandwich hawkers, plenty of beer and a horde of food lovers unperturbed by the traditionally rubbish May weather? Sandwich Fest 2017, the capital's first celebration of everything between bread, on brioche and beyond.

Mumsnet Edit: Sarah Jessica Parker x Gap

First, she graced our screens as Carrie Bradshaw, then she released her Mumsnetter-approved fragrance and launched her own publishing imprint. Now, Sarah Jessica Parker has joined forces with Gap to dream up their new range of fresh, fun kidswear for spring 2018 Sarah Jessica Parker Tulle Skirt, £26.95 Sigh.

Hot Dinners
Test Driving London's first naked restaurant - The Bunyadi

So, Bunyadi is a 'naked' restaurant, as in, the food is raw? Yes, that's right - the five-course menu is all natural. But also, so are the guests. As in, stark bollock naked, sitting on logs, eating pesto with fingers by candlelight. And hoping we don't drop any more of it in our lap region.

Hot Dinners
A foodie trip to Paris with Eurostar Interludes

"What we really wanted to do was link the two most foodie cities in the world together," our PR explains to us as we zoom at 300km per hour under the strip of water separating England from France. We're on board to try Eurostar Interludes, a new bespoke holiday package that consists of a whirlwind foodie mini-break to Paris.

Need To Know
Boat tours of Dingle Bay to visit Fungie the Dolphin

Freelance travel writing and recommendations for paywalled subscription site, Need to Know. No trip to Dingle would be complete without meeting local VIP, Fungie the dolphin. Head down to the pier, where you can climb aboard one of Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours' repurposed fishing boats for a whistlestop trip around the bay. Not only will you be rewarded with stunning views of the colourful little town’s waterfront, but everything going to plan, an unforgettable experience with Fungie. The...

Just Opened London
Best Cheap Eats London

Just Opened London's 'Best of' series covers a combination of recently opened venues and established London favourites, to make sure you get the full lowdown on where to spend your time and hard-earned cash. London is home to a more than ample selection of quality yet affordable grub, so you can enjoy a night out without emptying your wallet.

British Lung Foundation
My COPD's not smoking-related, so stop assuming it is

20% of people with COPD have never smoked. Dr. Shobha shares her story. Although I've never smoked, I was diagnosed with COPD in 1998 - the same year I was meant to retire from my job as an anaesthetist. I was so busy, and it came on so gradually that I didn't even realise.

Hot Dinners
TĀ TĀ Eatery is the first pop-up at Kensal Rise's Borough Wine & Beers

Written by Nancy Smallwood Borough Wine & Beers, who know a thing or two about hosting pop-ups, has announced that its first residency in their Kensal Rise branch will be Zijun Meng and Ana Goncalves of the Portuguese/Chinese-inspired restaurant TĀ TĀ Eatery. It'll be a three-month residency, and form part of Borough Wine Kensal Rise's Chef Development Series.

British Lung Foundation
After bronchiectasis, I was depressed - then I found Breathe Easy

Glenys went into a depression after developing bronchiectasis. But after discovering her local Breathe Easy group, she's building a new life in the slow lane. I was leading an active, healthy life, spending hours tending to my allotment, hiking mountains, exploring castles and visiting my daughter in Wales.

British Lung Foundation
Our impact

Edited the charity's longer annual report into shorter, snappier, audience-focused copy for the website, including layout and imagery.

Sweaty Betty: Mumsnet Edit

Forget bobbly old joggers and baggy tees - thanks to Sweaty Betty, you can work out and look gorgeous at the same time with their range of slimming, well-cut and comfortable gym gear. Shop the edit below. Black Friday discount - Use code BLACK20 and get 20% off site wide, while stocks last "I LOVE the Ahimsa pants!"

Simple Landlords
The Simple guide to tenant types

From professional sharers to students, and HMOs to benefit claimants, there’s a wider than ever variety of tenants for landlords to choose from.

Airbnb recommends: Dinner on a canal barge

Have dinner on a refurbished narrowboat that's been cruising Regent's Canal for three decades. As it chugs along, the chefs in the galley prep dishes using seasonal British seafood like Morecambe Bay oysters, queen scallops, and smoked cod.

British Lung Foundation
6 reasons these dogs think you should Take Steps

There are so many great reasons to Take Steps, we simply can't explain them all on our own... Everyone knows exercise is good for you, particularly if you're living with a lung condition. And one of the best ways to get some gentle, daily exercise is to go for a walk - as any dog will try and tell you!

Secret Cinema
Social Media/Instagram, February 2017

A selection of some of the posts I was putting up for Secret Cinema's pre-narrative. Each post was accompanied by relevant hashtags, creative copywriting and where relevant, CTAs.

Hot Dinners
The Cheese Bar is opening at Camden Stables Market

27/2/17 - updated with launch details Of the many food trucks going permanent in London that we've witnessed lately, we must confess we're extra glad to find out one of will be The Cheese Bar, purveyor of intensely comforting grilled cheese sandwiches.

Secret Cinema's Journal D'Amour (print edition distributed at event)
We will help Les Refugies

Designed to reflect SC's partnership with Help Refugees in the tone of 1890s France...

North Four: Top 5 'Ooh That's Hearty Fodder' Veggie Meals

October is National Vegetarian Awareness month and what good timing. 'Tis the season for hearty squashes, crunchy radishes, cabbage, kale and apple. So whether you're just batting eyelids at the idea of quitting meat or married for life to vegetarianism, take advantage of the autumnal harvest with out top five veggie meals in North London.

Mumsnet Edit: The Perfume Shop

What are the best perfumes? Including Yves Sant Laurent, Calvin Klein, Chanel and some cheap fragrances that come highly recommended.

Poached Creative
5 ways to improve your website's SEO

By Nancy Smallwood SEO - or search engine optimisation - can be something of a mystery. What does it mean in practice, should your organisation be doing it, and how important are keywords? If you have a website, you need people to find it. This means doing at least some basic SEO.

British Lung Foundation
It was easier to smoke than find food

Jane didn't manage to quit smoking until after she got COPD. But giving up cigarettes in time helped her to survive lung cancer and a pneumonectomy. When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I really thought it was all over. Then one of my friends told me "nothing is set in stone".

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