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Nancy Lavin

reporter and storyteller looking for writing opportunities

Award-winning reporter turned electoral reform advocate with seven years of writing and editing experience looking for new opportunities in writing and reporting. Fueled by coffee, wine and great stories.


Advocacy writing

National Civic League
Ranked Choice Voting: The New Norm Across the Bay Area - National Civic League

Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley and San Leandro, California were early adopters of what has now become a national movement for electoral reform. Ranked choice voting in the Bay Area has changed the political game, forcing voters and candidates to adopt to a new set of democratic rules and political strategies.

A better way to honor Women's History Month

*ghostwritten* Sojourner Truth didn't deliver her iconic " Ain't I a Woman?" address for the sake of an inspirational Instagram post. Susan B. Anthony didn't champion women's voting rights for a special museum exhibit. A women-themed happy hour was hardly the motivation for Sacagawea's dangerous trek across the country with Lewis and Clark.

It's not just the Oscars - Congress needs a representation reboot

*ghostwritten* Few topics survive the gauntlet of an ever-changing, 24-hour news cycle. Even fewer remain relevant after a full week. But a full four years after the original #OscarsSoWhite tweet exploded into a burgeoning social movement, discussion of diversity (or lack of) continues to frame The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and its awards ceremony.

History is made as member of Congress wins seat with 'instant runoff'

Democrat Jared Golden ousted Republican incumbent Bruce Poliquin for the seat representing Maine's 2nd Congressional District, according to results released Thursday. The close and contentious four-way race relied on ranked choice voting to determine its victor after neither of the major party nominees crossed the 50 percent mark required under RCV based on first choices alone.

Ranked ballots could debut in 2020 presidential primaries

First it was 20, then 30, and now, predictions for the Democratic presidential nomination have become less about how many candidates will run than just few will not. And with each exploratory committee announcement, a new wave of worry washes over the upcoming elections, reinvigorating talk of vote-splitting, wasted votes and 'spoiled' results.

San Leandro Talk
San Leandro is Leading the Way - Don't Forget to Rank Your Vote!

San Leandro didn't make a name for itself by sticking with the status quo. The city of progress embraced innovation at every turn, from the iconic downtown pedestrian path to its fiber optic loop connecting businesses and residents to free wifi.

Voices of Reform: Carlos Ochoa of Ranked Choice Tennessee

Editor's note: This is part of an occasional series of profiles highlighting election reform advocates on their achievements, background and motivation for the work they do. Carlos Ochoa saw the Save IRV Memphis Campaign as a natural extension of his personal commitment to, in his words, "finding my voice, speaking my truth and holding space for others to do the same."

Reporting highlights

The Frederick News-Post
#MeToo: Frederick activists aim to localize national movement

A broken jaw first silenced Kimba Green. When police raided the Nevada home where Green, along with 11 other young girls, had been held captive, she was literally unable to speak. Her jaw, broken by the men who picked her up off the street of her neighborhood 30 days prior, never healed properly.


Podcast: Maria Perez talks ranked choice voting in New Mexico

On the latest episode of "Voices & Choices," former FairVote New Mexico director Maria Perez talks about efforts to implement ranked choice voting in Santa Fe in a whirlwind information campaign just a few weeks before its debut RCV election.

FNP Podcasts
Frederick Uncut with Imam Bilal Malik

Host Colin McGuire, a News-Post columnist, and religion reporter Nancy Lavin sat down with Imam Bilal Malik to talk about misconceptions surrounding Islam, his thoughts on President Donald Trump, and why he won't say yes if you invite him out for a glass of wine.

Enterprise stories


Local government

The Frederick News-Post
Hotel confusion: new estimates bump up cost for downtown hotel project to $84 million

The downtown hotel and conference center project has continued to change in size and scope since the idea was first presented several years ago. In this article, a colleague and I uncover the latest cost estimate, a 20 percent increase in the total cost and in the public contributions toward the project.


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