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One of my strengths is my ability to understand, translate and communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner that is precisely targeted to the intended audience.

Wyndham Hotels
Travelodge Parkersburg

This Travelodge page is one of the many (in the 100s) individual Wyndham Hotels locations I wrote content for as part of a re-branding of their site.

Bankers Life (insurance)
Self-mailer (PDF)

This self-mailer was created to reach out to customers and prospects over 50 years old. We wanted to create a sense of urgency, but to do so as gently as possible.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
AeroDef 2016 prospectus (PDF)

Wrote all content for this aerospace and defense conference prospectus for SME.

Alzheimer's Association
Aspire donor magazine (PDF)

Wrote 3 feature articles highlighting donors who have been impacted by the disease.

Society of Mfg. Engineers (SME)
Feature article (PDF)

My role at SME was editor/writer for a 16-page tabloid quarterly newsletter for members. I planned the editorial calendar and wrote all content.

Website content (PDF)

I was brought in as an offsite writer to assist the marcom team at Panduit to create new content and meta data for hundreds of web pages for the redesign of their corporate site.

YMCA of the USA
EnhanceFitness Program

This is a flyer that I wrote for YMCA locations throughout the country to advertise their EnhanceFitness program in their communities.

Bankers Life (insurance)
Direct mail letter (PDF)

My internal client at Bankers Life needed a direct mail letter that spoke to the need for long-term care insurance without creating fear—a delicate balance.

American Dental Association (ADA)
Website content (PDF)

Sole writer/content manager for an ADA website created for the owner/dentist to assist them in the running of their office. Created more than 100 articles and related attachments.

YMCA of the USA
Diabetes prevention brochure (PDF)

Wrote all content for this brochure for the Diabetes Prevention Program. It's currently being used to create awareness of the Y's worksite wellness program.

My Work Over the Last Few Years

Bankers Life
Direct mail letter (PDF)

This direct mail letter was part of the same campaign as the self-mailer to the left. Half of the target audience got the letter and half got the self-mailer.

Bankers Life (insurance)
Field sales promo (PDF)

I was part of an integrated team that created this sales promo during Life Insurance Awareness Month. It was aimed at field sales agents and was loaded with fun incentives.

Bankers Life
E-newsletter (PDF)

This e-newsletter was sent to Bankers Life insurance agents in the field to educate them on the new branding guidelines.

Bankers Life
Banner ad (PDF)

This banner ad was created to educate field agents on the Bankers Life rebrand. It was posted on their intranet site.

Bankers Life
E-newsletter (PDF)

This e-newsletter was delivered to Bankers Life agents in the field to educate them on the Undercover Millionaire direct mail campaign.
Retail weekly promo email (PDF)

Needed to create a promo for the fall season w/out using the word "fall" because it was being used in another recent email.

Building Industry Association of Michigan
Trade magazine article (PDF)

This magazine is geared to the building trade in Michigan. For this article and others like it, I conducted interviews and wrote all content.

Older brochures, feature stories and fact sheets to show range of work

Gale Cengage Learning, formerly Gale
Poster for public libraries (PDF)

Wrote this poster for public libraries to create awareness that the popular Chilton's auto repair manuals were now available as an online tool.

Gale Cengage Learning, formerly Gale
Fact sheet (PDF)

This was aimed at elementary school principals to show them the benefits of a one-day workshop to help teachers use the Gale digital product, Kids InfoBits, in the classroom.

General Motors
Self-mailer (PDF)

How many ways can you say "$500 bonus cash?" When you live in Detroit (as I did at the time) and work in an agency, you find a way.

Gale Cengage Learning, formerly Gale
Feature article (PDF)

Gale has many e-newsletters that get sent out to librarians across the globe. This is one example of dozens of articles I wrote over a 10-year period.

Creative Concepts

Campbell-Ewald Advertising
Creative concepting #1 (PDF)

CLIENT: United States Postal Service. Our task was to come up with creative ways to advertise via direct mail. The USPS then presented our ideas to the featured companies.

Board Game Development

Parker Brothers games
Adult category game: Commotion (PDF)

INVENTOR/CREATOR: Brainstorm initial concepts. Build prototypes from scratch. Lead focus groups. Refine. Test. Refine. Sell.

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