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Naume Guveya

Content Marketing Writer

Location icon Zimbabwe

Hey there!

I’m Naume Guveya, a content marketing writer, and I’m here to help you tell your story.

I create punchy, no-fluff content that's sharable, grows brands, and turns visitors into lifetime customers. I’ve been hired by large companies and I’ve also worked with growing companies, content marketing agencies and thought leaders.

My job is to ensure that you:
• Build brand awareness and authority
• Increase customer loyalty and retention
• Nurture existing leads
• Communicate business value to your stakeholders
• Grow your brand through effective content marketing strategies that add value

Here are some of the things I have produced for clients:
• Actionable long-form blog posts
• E-books
• White papers
• Case studies
• Guides
• SEO articles
• Product descriptions
• Product reviews

Get in touch with me if you'd like to take your business to the next level with some great content!

8 ½ Actionable Social Media Marketing Hacks to Grow your Brand in 2021

Social media is everywhere. It has integrated into our lives to a point where people now spend up to three hours on social media platforms each day. Social media has also integrated into the business world. It's providing countless opportunities for business growth and over 70% of marketers believe that marketing on social media is effective for their business.

6 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2020

59% of the global population uses the internet, 67% owns a mobile device, and 43% uses social media. It's a digital world and digital marketing is here to stay. According to CMO, around 87% of marketing budgets will go towards digital marketing by 2022. Marketers have to create fresh and unique campaigns or risk losing customers.

The Importance of Automating Systems to Scale and Create Profitability for Startups

Many startups crash and burn before they take off because they lack the capabilities that larger companies have. However, startup founders are increasingly leveraging automation to scale their business and get an edge over the big players. Automation is a powerful tool that startups should capitalize on and close to 80% of top-performing businesses use it.

AI in Retail - 3 Things You Can Achieve with AI in 2019

Annual worldwide retail sales are worth upwards of $25 trillion but as the industry grows so does the competition. The retail landscape is characterised by fierce competition and when you throw in millennials, who currently make up the largest segment of the consumer base, you have yourself a tough industry.

Rethinking Our Hushed Voices on Animal Endangerment and Extinction - Impakter

Of the 112,432 species assessed for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, 30,178 are vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. The current animal endangerment and extinction crisis is mostly of our own making - we are responsible for years of animal habitat destruction, pollution, climate change, population growth, and other human activity that has pushed nature to the edge.

2019: The Time for a Vital Food Choice Lesson - Impakter

Sustainable fashion, sustainable beauty, sustainable technology - the idea of sustainability is growing and it is unsurprising that sustainable food is also part of the 'sustainable movement'. While people have become accustomed to organic food, sustainable eating is a relatively new term that is currently trending.

How Sustainable is Green Beauty? - Impakter

There has been a recent shift in consumer perspectives and consumers are now favoring organic products over anything that is processed. People are now more conscious of what they are exposing their bodies to and cosmetics are no exception.

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Creating Goal Congruence in the Workplace

Working with people who are only interested in their own personal gain is a recipe for disaster. Such employees lack motivation and are not invested in the coordination or success of the organization. This results in a dysfunctional workforce which is characterized by high staff turnover and an inab

The PMS Relief Diet

Written By: Naume Guveya Approximately 3 out of every 4 women experience PMS symptoms at some point in their life. Although the symptoms are usually mild, this by no means guarantees that they do not cause discomfort.

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