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Naeun Kim

Producer with 9 News Sydney & Contributor at VICE Australia

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Why Does Coriander Make Me Feel Sick and Angry: an Investigation

"But you're Asian! Aren't you meant to, like, eat it with every meal?" This is what everyone says (or nervously implies) when I reveal my hatred for coriander. And sure, the rest of my family can eat mouthfuls of the stuff and all my friends hide behind their menus when I demand my dishes be coriander-free, but I don't care.

'Subtle Asian Traits' Holds Up a Mirror to Asian Australians Like Me

I was at a friend's wedding in October and we were laughing about how I used to clip clothes pegs to my nose in an effort to straighten it out-which was one of those Asian myths like "don't sleep with wet hair or you'll get a headache" or "don't cut your nails before an exam or you'll fail"-when my friend suddenly brought up Subtle Asian Traits.

For $1,500 Per Month This Woman Will Get You Tinder Dates

All photos by William Jordan It looks like a scene from the Real Housewives of Sydney: two well-dressed women sit on a cream-coloured couch in a plush apartment in the city's east. Their names are Holly and Anna and they're discussing Anna's latest date, which went pretty well.

Meet Sydney's Real-Life 'Nightcrawler'

Gordon McComiskie is a night photographer who covers Sydney's most foul and bloody stories for the Daily Telegraph. From 10pm to 6am, all weekend, the city is his playground. And yes, he's seen Nightcrawler. And yes he says it's like that, but "not to the same extent."

We Went Looking for Stuff That Turnbull Actually Achieved

All images by the author, except the one on right which is via Shutterstock As Malcolm Turnbull exits the same way he entered (via a backstabbing coup), let's spend a moment recalling all the things our 29th Prime Minister stood for, and all the things he achieved...

What is age reckoning?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most Asian people look younger than their actual age. Rigorous beauty regimes, typically healthy Asian food and an obsession with pale skin (and staying out of the sun) are just some of the explanations people have pointed to.

A dying tradition: How Korean parents celebrate babies' first birthday | Culture

Koreans are known for their entrepreneurship - from restaurants, hair salons, to even hiring a 'daeri' to drive your car home if you've been drinking - they've thought of it all. Birthday celebrations are no exception and for a baby's first birthday or 'dol,' businesses hiring out traditional clothes and decorations are helping to continue this custom in Australia.

Soaking It Up With Menstrual Sea Sponges | VICE | Australia / NZ

In recent years, cloth pads and menstrual cups have become increasingly popular as environmental alternatives to synthetic pads and tampons. But in the eternal quest to be sustainable, another option has appeared: sea sponges. Also known as moon or jam sponges, a handful of sites and online stores are offering them as a natural way to manage periods.

Gun Ownership in New South Wales has Risen 40 Percent | VICE | Australia / NZ

According to recent figures obtained by the New South Wales Greens, gun ownership in the state has increased by 40 percent since 2001. In the last four years alone, new gun licences have jumped 20 percent, presently there 217,725 firearm licence holders in the state and over 850,000 registered guns.

Shopping for Illegal Cigarettes in Sydney's Chinatown | VICE | Australia / NZ

A pack of imported cigarettes. All photos by the author. Walk through the bustling streets of Sydney's Chinatown and you'll notice coloured cigarette packaging littering the ground. Although they're common to this area, they're a rare sight in Australia since the government introduced across-the-board plain packaging in December 2012.

Sydney's Underground Korean Taxi Service | VICE | Australia / NZ

All images by author At 3:30AM last Saturday I handed my car keys to a stranger to drive me home. He introduced himself as Jay and asked for my address. Jay's a daeri driver, employed by one of many off-licence Korean taxi services in Sydney catering to drunk customers who can't drive their car home.

Fact check: Are feral cats killing over 20 billion native animals a year?

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has pledged new money to help community groups trap and eradicate feral cats. There are up to 20 million feral cats taking up to four native Australian animals a night. That is over 20 billion Australian native species being destroyed a year, he said.

Fact check: Science, research and innovation spending cut to 'historic low'

Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt says the Federal Government has cut spending on science, research and innovation to an historic low. ABC Fact Check finds his claim checks out. It's estimated research and development spending will be 0.56 per cent of GDP in 2014-15, which is the lowest level in decades.

SBS News Online
Explainer: The origins of Halloween

It's that time of the year when eating candy, dressing up and mutilating perfectly edible pumpkins is encouraged - but what exactly are we celebrating on Halloween?

The Daily Telegraph
A long hello to the silly season

It's traditionally the start of the silly season, with police and health officials issuing a warning ahead of what they fear will be another October long weekend of chaos and carnage.

Inner West Courier
Poles not so far apart

Glebe's Beata Zatorska did not need to win a cooking competition to publish a cookbook - she had her husband help her.

Inner West Courier
Chantelle's idea a bottler

Removing plastic water bottles from a high school seems like an almost impossible task, but Five Dock's Domremy College prefect Chantelle Hayek is making more than a splash.

Inner West Courier
Students star at competition

The Dorothy Cowie School of Dancing's students dominated the Australian Teachers of Dancing Scholarship competition.

Inner West Courier
Career hits the right note

An inspiring concert singing on the Opera House stage at age 12 had Emma Moore sold on where she wanted to take her talents.

Inner West Courier
Young stars a class act

Inner West school will come together on Tuesday, August 2 to perform at Ashfield Mall as part of Education Week.

Inner West Courier
Popular bay run is back

Hop, skip, run or walk Inner West's favourite fun run, the Bay Run, on Sunday, August 7.

Inner West Courier
Fare way to cut crowding

There may finally be a solution to reduce crowding on public transport.

Inner West Courier
Talented designers vie for top awards

Two Inner West designers have been selected as finalists for the Furnitex VIVID (Vibrant Visions in Design) competition.

Inner West Courier
Quirky cafe like no other

The Inner West is jam-packed with quirk, so why not go out and experience a bit of it, without blowing your budget?

Inner West Courier
Children's shop on the button

Little Red Love Buttons may sound cute and fuzzy but it is a shop to be reckoned with.

Inner West Courier
Up to date at St Brendan's

Annandale's St Brendan's Primary School opened a new building earlier this month.

Village Voice
Singing at your supper

It is a truth universally acknowledged that someone in search of a good night must stop by Not Quite Cabaret.

Strathfield Scene
Fun run for your life

Calling all joggers - it's time to get into shape for the 2011 Cooks River Fun Run, a popular, healthy family event on the Strathfield calendar.

Inner West Courier
This team on winning streak

Strathfield's Santa Sabina College's Year 10 debating team has claimed the trophy at the Catholic Schools' Debating Competition for the fourth year.

Inner West Courier
Necessities for winter

With winter creeping up on us, there is one question on everybody's mind - what should I wear?

Fred Hollows Foundation

Diabetes is becoming more common throughout the world, particularly in the developing world, where lifestyle and diet and rapidly changing.

Every child deserves a family

The seminal changes to NSW adoption legislation again come into sharp focus this month with the launch of National Adoption Awareness Week.


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