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Writer. Traveller. Storyteller.

Sri Lanka

I write to connect.


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Support Services in Australia

At Pivote, we are accountants, administrators, digital marketers, growth planners, paraplanners, and secretaries all rolled up into one feisty team that gets it done.

Protective handwear manufacturer
Dipple Products PLC

We are a pioneer in the protective handwear industry. Our portfolio of 350+ products comprises natural or synthetic-latex-based gloves with numerous applications.

Amaya Hotels Sri Lanka
Boutique Collection By Amaya

We invite you to explore beyond the ordinary. Enjoy seclusion and privacy here in Sri Lanka, a haven for travellers known for its seductive, slow pace of island living.

Back Office Outsourcing Services

Our main goal is to streamline painful processes in your organisation. Service delivery models that revolutionise the way you work.

Coworking | Accelerator| Incubator
Hatch Works

hatch is the center of gravity for all things startup. With us, ordinary people to do extraordinary things together.

Leading Finance Company in Sri Lanka
Softlogic Finance

As a trusted financial institution in Sri Lanka with over 20 years of experience, our focus is to support your growth journey.

Xoom Software
Xoom Software

Problem solvers, deep thinkers and tech fanatics. Give us a complication, and we will find our way through it, or over it, or under it.

Business solutions provider
Watad Group Qatar

With many of our trusted partners scattered across the globe, we adopt and absorb the best practices to drive our business forward.

Outsource Marketing
Seven Salience

Concept to completion, we give you a sustainable 360' marketing solution that takes your brand where it needs to be.

Outsource Finance Services in Sri Lanka

We love numbers, and we’re here to take some, if not the majority of the gruelling tasks of setting up a company.

Managed IT Service Provider

Our methods are scalable. We are reliable in the way we integrate ourselves with your business to make everything flow smoothly and efficiently.

IT Solutions Provider

With our humble beginnings etched in October 2008, we have worked hard to generate incredible IT solutions with a special focus on IT hardware.

Building distributive marketplaces

Our expertise in several fields including finance, software, marketing and entrepreneurship drove us to dig deeper into an area that has a lot of potential; e-commerce.

Sustainable Healthcare RCM solutions

We build relationships. While your business grows and the demand for professional, timely and compassionate health care increases; we stand by your side.

Consultancy, Training & Coaching in HRM

Glenmore is a team of independent professionals from many facets of HRM. We identify, design and deliver sustainable solutions that fit your company's need and budget.

Arana Yala Hotel

Welcome to the wild! Discover yourself at Arana where you can enjoy gracious hospitality in an idyllic, spacious ambience close to the Yala National Park.


Crowning Sri Lanka in the North is a city that lives and breathes the history of proud and resilient people. Jaffna is a breathless, incongruous and kitschy mixture of the new and the old.

Travel Arcade

From the time you request our services until you’re back at home, we ensure that all your requirements are looked after and that your trip is all that you wanted it to be and more.

Silk Road Travels

A little pearl-shaped paradise, Sri Lanka is a beautiful sun-kissed island in the Indian Ocean.


Daily FT
We Are Designers announces partnership

We Are Designers a 360-degree full-service digital agency based in Colombo, established a partnership with CastMeClub, a social platform which allows established and aspiring actors pathways to opportunities on the global stage.

Daily Nation
Anataya, for a gateway to infinity

History tells of how Vijaya, a banished Indian Prince and his 700 followers landed on the reddish sand of an island soon to be known as Thambapanni.

Jetwing Press
A classy surprise for connoisseurs in Colombo

After wowing Sri Lanka’s gourmands for months, Jetwing Colombo Seven, raises the bar even further this year with the introduction of a vibrant degustation luncheon paired with a wine tasting experience

Daily FT
XpressJobs unveils 'recruitment by SMS'

There is no such thing as 'Great workers are hard to find', it's just that you probably haven't found the right person yet. For a blue-collar recruiter, filtering through 100s of applications for the right few is only half the battle.

Daily FT
SLAPCEO & Tourism Minister reach favourable accord

Recent discussions between Tourism Minister John Amaratunga and SLAPCEO (Sri Lanka Association of Professional Conference, Exhibition & Event Organisers) have resulted in favourable responses. "SLAPCEO made a request to lower the minimum rate of hotels in Colombo during the off season.

Ceylon Today
Future of tourism; where to?

Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts is poised to unveil the first-ever 'Future of Tourism and Responsible Tourism for Driving Revenue Summit', featuring an eminent panel of global industry speakers.


Showoff Magazine
Ninalu, a minimalist approach to fashion

One glance at her collection of delicate yet stunningly sharp jewellery will make you realise that the presence of little, actually says quite a lot.


How to Manage a Warehouse

Efficient use of resources and adapting business operations to accommodate demand are key areas to consider when managing a warehouse.

Magazines & Blogs

Sustainable startups in Sri Lanka

We're celebrating the 50th year marking the 'Earth Day' movement by featuring startups in Sri Lanka that have built a business around a vision for a sustainable earth. "Good for our people. Good for our earth". This sums up our evaluation criteria for this list.

Aged Care in Australia

Growing old shouldn't be dramatic or unnecessarily stressful. It can be a graceful, evolving and fulfilling process. It shouldn't be considered a burden or a cause for worry to anyone as it is the natural order of life. While you can't really predict anything in life for certain, it is wiser to plan your retirement well at hand.

Horror Fiction & Sri Lankan Occult
Water in My Grave

Did you know that in some local cemeteries, bodies are often exhumed a few days after they are buried? Did you know that sometimes strange people try to steal urns of ashes from crematoriums?

Travel & Experience

Ceylon Today
Hiyare - a place to discover nature

Of all the places to explore in Sri Lanka, I'd say Galle takes its place among the top three. The colonial architecture,

ShowOff Magaizne
Travel around, your trip fix in Sri Lanka

Beautiful Sri Lanka. She wraps herself around you and overwhelms your senses. An ocean that unfolds for miles across the Indian Ocean. Majestic tree canopies that stretch above you as you trudge in the middle of a rain forest.

Ceylon Today
The Golden Mile

Named after a pretty lass, Lovinia, during Sir Thomas Maitland’s stay in Ceylon, Mount Lavinia’s genesis of forbidden romance and allure now goes by its fame for laid back tourism and salty night life.

Nehemiah Consultants
In search of tranquillity

The soft rustle of bo leaves above you and the feel of golden-brown sand under your bare feet indicate that you have entered a sacred site. Leaving your slippers and worldly worries at the entrance, you follow the steady line of devotees up the stairs of the ancient temple of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya.

Ceylon Today
Anilana Hotels - Quench your thirst for paradise

If all you want to do is relax and soak up the sun, the unexplored stretch of East Coast invites you to do just that. Here is where the crystal blue ocean spreads towards a golden-brown horizon and reaches out to infinity.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

You'd be surprised at the amount of things you can buy -at no more than one-third of the price- from someone else to whom it may be quite useless. The Colombo Flea Market is a space where people buy and sell secondhand stuff so that, by doing so, they reduce wastage.

Ceylon Today
V DAY; OUR STORIES A provocative series of real life stories

The production was a series of eight short dramas that were performed by a talented set of individuals at Barefoot, Colpetty last Tuesday (31 March). Directed by Hans Billimoria and Jith Peiris, the play portrays stories on gender-based violence including intimate partner violence.

Ceylon Today
An artisan concourse

Creative folk around town flocked to take a peek and / or be a part of the Colombo Design Market at the Laksala Gallery Café premises (near Nelum Pokuna) last Sunday (14). The market is a space for artsy folk to meet and exchange their interests and portray their passion in things they are good at. The air was dense with an unmistakable 'chill' vibe with trinkets beckoning you from all sides.


Addressing Human Elephant Conflict in Sri Lanka

Humane Society International together with SLYCAN Trust organised a lecture on "Addressing the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka". Dr Prithiviraj Fernando, an expert in the conservation field with for over 25 years, narrated the present situation in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Today
Whoever wins, enviornment loses

Each time you set foot outside you are reminded that it is once again, the time for an election. Billboards in vibrant colours greet you as soon as you start your day, and continue to be a part of your day-to-day activities by giving directions to you once you step on to the road in terms of billboard per mileage.

Ceylon Today
September 7, 2014
Smothered in waste

We have a trash problem. Everything we think we throw away, ends up somewhere. Garbage has doubled over in the past few decades but where does all of it go? In Sri Lanka, there is a growing problem of disposing waste, especially in urban areas because of limited space and unregulated management.

Ceylon Today
June 15, 2014
Rise of the seven seas

For a bunch of brown-skinned, sun-glazed, flip flop adoring tropical island-ers like us Sri Lankans, this year's World Environment Day theme is quite the hot topic.


Nadee Paws
The mountain people

The wind here smells like rain, and is as cold. The sun is raw and bright, and together the sun and wind burn memories onto your skin. Memories of mountains and entire colonies of people living within the mossy layers of these mountains, almost forgotten. It's strange, really.

Vibhasha Magazine
Language Rights are Human Rights too

In the modern age, it is not out of genuine concern and commitment that some countries have ratified the human rights declaration, but only because it is a precondition to apply for foreign aid

Ceylon Today
Emerge with Mumtaz Faleel

Mumtaz has been working with children since 2006 when she moved in to the development sector after joining the Foundation for Co-Existence. There her work involved peace-building and humanitarian activities.


The boy who travelled

Try being silent for one day while others around you go about their daily tasks. It is not easy.

Chasing dreams

Ishan Jalill always wanted to be diplomat. From the time he understood world affairs, his aspiration was to travel and be involved in it.

Ceylon Today
Beauty in the Ordinary

A glimpse into the work by Chatrini Weeratunge at her exhibition 'Life as art'.

Ceylon Today
Colourful Creations

From foxes wearing colourful scarves to flying whales lifted by daring birds, Fariha Farroon brings forth a big dose of fantasy.