Naana Aba

Journalist, BBC News

Location icon United Kingdom

Broadcast Journalist at BBC News. Broadcast media professional and former transmission director at Red Bee Media.

Interests include international politics, social justice, human geography, gender and identity, and popular culture.

Trash tv addict, pug enthusiast, future cat lady.

HuffPost UK
21st Century Porn and Victorian Ethics

How do the worlds of contemporary pornography and Victorian sexual codes meet you ask? UK produced pornography has this month been censored by the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) through an amendment to the 2003 Communications Act.

HuffPost UK
Smokescreens And Stagecraft - Boris' Johnson's Latest Political Gaffe

Theresa May will be left to 'dependably get on with the job at hand' free from considered objections and legitimate concerns to decisions that will affect us all. Our futures are being gambled on with little more than a cursory look and we will have only ourselves to blame if we are left with rubble after the smokescreen clears.