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Matthew Whitty

Freelance Writer, Videographer

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Matthew is a freelance writer and videographer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. He enjoys sports and comedy. When he's not busy working, he can usually be found studying improv or training to run his next marathon.


Sports Writing

Top 15 Worst Injuries In NHL History

Hockey is a dangerous game. You have athletes flying around hitting each other with knives attached to their feet. Injuries are inevitable. Every season is filled with injuries and the loss of a key player or conversely, the return of a key player at an opportune time can make the difference between winning and losing.

Top 15 Sports Teams You Didn't Know Existed

Sports fans love winners. That's why teams like the New York Yankees, Detroit Red Wings, New England Patriots and that's why the Golden State Warriors are so popular now.

Every NHL Team's Worst Season

Every NHL team goes through its fair share of ups and downs. As much as people like to belittle the Edmonton Oilers for being a tire fire that seemingly finish every season at the bottom of the standings while racking up first overall picks without ever finding any success, there was a time when the Oilers were the most dangerous team in all of hockey.

Top 10 Lopsided NHL Trade Deadline Deals in History

Every NHL season begins with optimism for all 30 general managers. They all believe that this could be their year to win the Stanley Cup. By mid-season some teams have established themselves as clear favourites while others are already looking forward to the draft lottery.

Worst Trade in Every NHL Team's History

"Once you're a winner, you keep improving on perfection. You keep making trades and changes that will strengthen their team, even if they aren't popular at the time. You go about your business." Those are the words of the legendary Sam Pollock, arguably the greatest general manager in the history of the NHL.

Top 15 Huge MLB Trades That Almost Happened

There's an old adage in sports that "sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make", meaning it can often work out better for your team if you hold off on making a deal that could hurt your team in the long run.

Comedy Writing


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