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Mubina Visram

Writing, Communications and Marketing Professional

Experienced communications specialist with expertise in the following areas: corporate communications, proposal writing, media publishing, social media marketing, blogging, copy writing and editing.

I am available to assist brands with developing customized marketing copy, blog and social media content. For freelance writing inquiries, please email me at: [email protected]

Milieu Strategy and Consulting Inc.
Milieu Strategy Website Content

We've planned everything from large political speaking engagements to local community meet-and-greet opportunities. In fact we have facilitated over 200 high profile events with dignitaries, CEOs, celebrities, Bollywood stars, diplomats, and even the Royal Family. We'll take a lead role in ensuring that your events are executed flawlessly from start to finish, with the best and most appropriate facilities at your disposal.

Cufflinks For Every Kind of Father - Studio1098

There's a pair of cufflinks for every personality out there. Read on for tips on how to pick the best pair for the fathers in your life. You really can't go wrong when choosing cufflinks as a Father's Day gift. After all, cufflinks have been in use for centuries.

Spotify Launches In Canada

The popular, free music streaming service Spotify, considered the largest music streaming service in the world, has finally launched in Canada to much acclaim. Music lovers in Canada can now listen to catalogues of music for free on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs.

Quebec In Vitro Funding To Be Cut

The government of Quebec will be imposing limits on funding for its free in vitro fertilization program, CBC News reports. Health Minister Gaétan Barrette will be presenting the new measures in the coming weeks. The plan has come under criticism due to a proposal by Barrette that would involve exclusively limiting the plan to infertile couples.

5 Gluten-Free Baking Substitutes

If you're struggling with a gluten allergy, you may have sworn off baking for good. Or, you might have tried baking with different flour substitutes but been confused by which ones work best for what you're making. Here we've compiled a list of five easy alternatives for all your baking needs.

To Dip Or Not To Dip? Toronto Mayoral Candidates Weigh In On #PringlesDIPbate

You'd be surprised, but to many Torontonians, the mayoral candidates' choices to dip or not dip the new brand of Pringles Tortilla Chips, is a matter of deep concern and relevance. At the recent #PringlesDIPbate Labour Day rally, when interviewed some Torontonians even expressed a determination to base their decision on who to vote for in the upcoming election, solely on the mayoral candidates' dipping preferences.

Regular Dude Movie Review: 'Laggies'

Dramatic period drama heroines have become synonymous with Keira Knightley, but she really shines in offbeat indie roles. Laggies is a perfect demonstration of that. Knightley easily embodies the role of Megan, an American twenty-something non-starter, "lagging" behind her high school friends who progressively tick off milestones in their personal and professional lives.

Kiss My Face Launches Men's Collection

Kiss My Face has finally launched a premiere line of skin care specifically designed for men, and it features the all-natural ingredients that fans of the skincare company love. In keeping with the brand's commitment to organic personal care, the new men's line is 100% paraben, phthalate, and SLS free, has no preservatives, fragrances, or animal ingredients, and is cruelty-free.

Dom Pérignon Collaborates With World Famous Fashion Designer Iris Van Herpen

One of the biggest things to come out of New York fashion week was news of an exciting collaboration between vintage champagne house Dom Pérignon and world famous Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen. Metamorphosis is an exclusive, limited edition bottle that "combines Iris van Herpen's forward-thinking aesthetic with the Dom Pérignon champagne's playful expression, limitless innovation and taste for reinvention."

Vitamin D Linked With Decrease In Pain During Child Birth

A new study out of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles suggests that vitamin D could aid in making childbirth much less painful. In the study, involving 93 women, found that there was a noticeable trend with regards to women whose childbirth experiences were painful versus those that were less so.

Heartbreaking Bucket List Baby Makes Short Visit To The World

Baby Shane, whose parents carried out a bucket list on his behalf after a fatal fetal diagnosis, passed away soon after his birth today. Philadelphia natives Jenna and Dan Haley, who organized a heartbreaking bucket list for their terminally ill unborn baby Shane, announced the baby's birth and death today.

Top Five Countries To Visit With Your Kids

You've travelled to all the major theme parks in North America with your kids, and now you're looking for something new to do together. If you feel comfortable travelling with your children, why not venture out of your (and their) comfort zone to explore destinations outside of North America?

English Award Recipients | Department of English & Drama

Recipients since 2003: 2003-2004 Tsubasa Sawashima 2004-2005 Matthew Laffrade 2005-2006 Raisa Palha 2006-2007 Cassandra Scavetta 2008-2009 Romesa Khalid 2009-2010 Jesse Boyce 2010-2011 not awarded 2011-2012 Valeria Ryrak 2012-2013 Victoria MacFarlane and Honourable Mention Luke Sawczak

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