Michael Styles

Multi-media Journalist

Location icon Canada

I'm a journalist studying at Conestoga College. Print and interview focused, but a competent photographer.

Providing context is an essential part of journalism, especially within a community. I'm trying to use the tools I've learned at Conestoga to do that. Local stories are more important now than ever.

The reality of one's own community needs to be accessible, and I think journalists are in the best position to do that.

Conestoga College
Mark Berardine Profile

A profile of the unit president of the Wellington branch of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association, Mark Berardine. For an assignment. Inspired by the inevitable impending education crisis in Ontario, as a result of drastic, unnecessary cuts to vital programs.

Conestoga College
Yvonne Fernandes Profile

A profile I wrote - for an assignment - of plucky former Kitchener city councillor, Yvonne Fernandes. Informed by her contentious column in the Kitchener Citizen, criticizing fellow city councillors.

Conestoga College
LGBTQ students raise the flag over U of G

A story - for an assignment - on a campus group at the U of G raising a pride flag, and connecting LGBTQ students with the wider community. Inspired by the urgent need to have written a story for deadline.

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