R. McKinley Sherrod

Storyteller, People Connector, Research Nerd

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I'm a solutions-oriented young professional with a knack for telling stories. Whether through the written word, graphic design, or face-to-face interactions, I love connecting individual stories to a broader narrative.

I seek work that contributes to the greater good. In particular, I have experience doing advocacy for education, women's rights, and LGBTQ issues.


Corporate Blogging

Human Rights Campaign
Equality in the Queen City

Post submitted by Mckinley Sherrod on behalf of Deena Fidas & Liz Cooper, Workplace Project Coming to Charlotte, North Carolina you can feel the rapid growth of business, schools and community in the air.

Human Rights Campaign
Working Toward Workplace Equality in Florida

Post submitted by McKinley Sherrod, HRC Workplace Project Intern Rays of corporate equality reached Tampa this week, as the Workplace Project travelled to the Sunshine State to attend at the 2013 Florida LGBT-Allies Diversity Summit.

Business and Policy Writing

Hanover Research
Merit Based Financial Aid Scan

The following brief describes the findings of Hanover Research's study of merit-based financial aid at higher education institutions in the United States and Canada. These emerging trends aim to address the partner’s question of how to best attract top-tier students with merit-based aid.

Kenyon College: Pragmatism, Identity and Activism
A Divided Movement: Models of Activism in the Gay Rights Movement

In an effort to understand how we have achieved so much in the sixty years since the mere idea of “gay rights” emerged, this paper examines the movement through the lens of American philosophical pragmatism. Measuring the goals, strategies and levels of action of the gay rights movement against the yardstick of pragmatic social activism, I conclude that the two main schools of thought within the movement – assimilationist and liberationist – are not diametrically opposed to each other or the...

Personal Writing

Kenyon Collegian
Ethical Minds: Hold Your Fire

McKinley Sherrod and Lizzie Thoreson-Green, Contributors Dear Ethical Minds, One of my good friends is constantly mistreated by this guy she runs a club with. He's always late to their meetings, is rude to her, takes a lot of the credit for the club's accomplishments and talks about her behind her back.

Thought Catalog
8 Ways To Say I Love You

1. Spit it into her voicemail, a little slurred and sounding like the shot whiskey you downed for courage. Feel as ashamed as you do walking into work in last night's clothes. Wake up cringing for days, waiting for her to mention it. 2. Sigh it into her mouth, wedged in between teeth and tongues.

Study Abroad Blog
notas desde lejos

This experience has been terrifying, joyful, nerve-wracking, liberating, seemingly impossible and empowering at various turns. Whatever else, it has been the experience of a lifetime.