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Mr. Tank

Musician, instrumentalist, vocalist

Location icon United States

Mr. Tank is a lead vocalist and national recording artist whose powerful, soulful voice lays claim on it’s own undeniable signature sound, adding a uniqueness to every work of music that accompanies his voice.

At a young age, Mr. Tank sang as a soloist in his southern baptist church choir, learned to play several instruments in school and later in his 20’s, received formal voice training under nationally recognized opera vocal coach in Miami Florida.

Since 1990, Mr. Tank has worked with multiple genres of music, fronting many music groups, playing live, recording music on record labels and independently.
His music has been featured on major motion picture soundtracks. He is a published songwriter/ lyricist with ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).


I am a mood architect, a pro musician that plays a dozen instruments, lead vocalist, sound engineer, music producer, composer, creator.