Joshua Zitser


United States of America

Joshua is a London-born journalist living in California. He is a freelance contributor to numerous publications and writes about everything from breaking news to dank memes.

The Independent
My grandfather was saved by the Kindertransport - would he have been today?

The news that the collapse of the so-called 'Dubs Amendment' to the Immigration Bill, rejected by 294 votes to 276 in the House of Commons, had prevented 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children from entering the UK was devastating. Following the defeat of the vote, cries of "shame" were heard from the opposition benches.

Spectator Health
Go flexitarian - it's the healthy diet of the future | Spectator Health

Flexitarianism sounds like just another ludicrous portmanteau invented by millennials, to go alongside masturdating, chairdrobes and sexting. Actually, the concept - a combination of 'flexible' and 'vegetarianism' - is an adaptable philosophy that may represent the future of how we eat. It is not really new.

The Telegraph
As a British Israeli, why must I be vilified for Israel's actions?

You'll notice that I am yet to take a political stance on the Israel-Palestine issue. This is because I feel as though I should not be obliged to - right now or, for that matter, ever. I should not, more so than any nationality, perpetually be ready to fight for or against a country's government policy.

The Independent
Scottish independence is the only hope for young people after Brexit

The day was September 14th 2014 and there I was, a newly settled English student in Edinburgh, awaiting the results of a critical historic referendum. I can still distinctly recall my UK fervour at the time. Back in 2014, I was adamant that there was no need to bring a successful 300-year union to an end.

Total Politics
Could bursaries really help get working class MPs?

"Under a recently announced scheme, low-income Conservative parliamentary candidates could be offered bursaries of up to £25,000 to help them win their seats. This extra funding accounts for about 63% of the costs needed to run a successful campaign.

The Tab US
Professor wants psych exam to go ahead despite UCLA campus shooting

The LAPD have now confirmed the shooting to be a 'murder-suicide' A professor is ignoring calls by UCLA to cancel exams following this morning's shooting. Two people have been confirmed dead in what is now being referred to by authorities as a murder-suicide.

The Tab
'Eating disorders are unashamedly gendered': a male sufferer tells his story

'Bulimia was an addictive habit which kept my anxiety at bay' This week is Eating Disorders Awareness week. I was on a holiday with the lads in Greece. And after two years of attempting to mask frequent mid-meal trips to the loo, followed by washing the blood from my fingers, I realised that my cover was collapsing.