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Welcome to my Writing Porfolio! I encourage you to read my work and contact me if you have any comments on any of my peices. I am always open to feedback. Thank you

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M.RhoBussie Publications
Caesar Didn't Deserve It

My opinion on why Caesar did not deserve to be assassinated.

M.RhoBussie Publications
Oedipus Rex

This is a essay I wrote during our Tragedies Unit in English on the famous Sophocles play, Oedipus Rex.

M.RhoBussie Publications
Heaven, Purgatory and Hell

Where does the human soul fall into after death? Do heaven, hell, and purgatory really exist?

M.RhoBussie Publications
The Planet Goldilocks

This is a creative writing assignment I did, during our Satire Unit in English. This essay can be categorized as historical fiction because Goldilocks is an actual planet that was discovered in 2012.

M.RhoBussie Publications
Benefits of Braiding

This is a persuasion essay I wrote on the history and many benefits of hair braiding.

M.RhoBussie Publications
Letter to My Granddaughter

This is a creative writing assignment I did, focusing on using adjectives and descriptive vocabulary.

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