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Mikhail Kustov

Creative Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

I am a Creative Writing Graduate from London South Bank University. I am Russian born, but have found English to be more native than a second language. I find poetry and world building as a passion and always look to learn new styles.

I write poetry, short stories, fanfiction, radio, theatre, blogs and interactive fiction. I have had my play performed at the Chelsea Theatre in King's Road with a few other students. Although I would love to get my novels published, I would like to explore theatre, interactive fiction and the musical industry.

I heavily enjoy world building, taking the time to write every small detail about a world, the country, the culture, researching carefully so the balance of nature and if there is physics do not collide.

Other interests are video games, dancing, table top roleplay, LARP and making costumes and going out in cosplay.

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Mikhail 'Misha' Kustov is a Russian born writer, poet and World Creator. He has had his play performed at the Chelsea...

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VillainAdvisor is a fanfiction author that has written 21 stories for Naruto, Doctor Who, Avatar: Last Airbender, Air Gear, Night Watch/Nochnoy dozor, Bleach, Freezing/フリージング, One Piece, Code Geass, Chrome Shelled Regios, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Gantz, Deadman Wonderland/デッドマン・ワンダーランド, Darker than BLACK, Eyeshield 21, Fairy Tail, Manhwa/Korean Comics/만화, Kuroshitsuji, Hercules, and Rise of the Guardians.

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Creative Writing Student at London South bank I have no idea what I truly I want to do in the future, being pressured by all to do something in the form of literature Jazzy and Zazzy I want to be a...

The South Bank Review - The Land of Fog and the City of Dreams

The City of Fog is a place that never sleeps We have the River Thames flowing through A gateway, a link to the land of before, the primal river where life began It powers through the day, with the inhabitants working like ants Day in and day out, never stopping, The electricity being channeled, pushing us When we sleep, it awakens the machines to work in our place.

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