Mathias Rekowski

Starting my Career

Location icon United States of America

I'm a recent graduate who is taking his first steps toward a career. My training is in philosophy, but I enjoy reading and learning about all types of subject-matter. I write well and know how to structure communications for different purposes, so I am interested in starting my career in editing.

I hope you find my portfolio interesting!

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Die erotische und umformende Potenz der Femininität-English

Mathias Rekowski Dr. Nicolas Humphrey GERM 390 1 December 2016 Feuers Zunge: Eine Analyse der erotischen und umformenden Potenz der Femininität in Hugo von Hofmannsthals Erzählung, „Das Erlebnis des Marschalls von Bassompierre" Hugo von Hofmannsthal wrote Das Erlebnis des Marschalls von Bassomp...

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Distinction The look of this day is that of the last, muted haze and sound, Nothing is clear or distinct from the else, though it seems to be exactly so, Everything from a prism of glass, reflections upon the self, Actions then thoughts, roundly it goes, what's seen can rarely be held, Those sepa...

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Spinoza Midterm

Mathias Rekowski Dr. Daniel Collette PHIL 316 21 October 2016 The Effectual Power of Knowledge Spinoza's Theological-Political Treatise (TTP), because it has a very focused objective, seems to address several concepts which were not fully discussed due to the scope of his project. It is the goal...