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True Too
F L A C O: Spirit, Energy, and Ambition

Today we speak to F L A C O, a rapper to definitely look out for in 2017. Having recently released his latest project titled sleepinginjeans, the intricately flowing Indiana native shows no signs of slowing down. We are honored to have the opportunity to speak to a man who is much better described as an artist than a rapper.

True Too
Why Did Ace Hood Never Blow Up?

Ace Hood has been grinding for over a decade. The 28 year old Florida native started rapping in the 11 th grade after injuring himself playing football - he started releasing mixtapes in the street at the age of 17, and recorded a song called "M.O.E." that created a huge buzz in South Florida.

True Too
Why Grime Is Finally Accepted Across the Atlantic

Though more recent than American hip-hop, Grime is not exactly a new genre of music. Originating in the early 2000's in London's East End, grime was pioneered by Wiley, "The Godfather of Grime". It is very closely tied with pirate radios such as Rinse FM, where the music was first showcased to the public.

Opinion: Is J.Cole Boring? - AltWire

"J.Cole is boring". This statement is one of the most debated statements in hip-hop today. A simple Google search will lead you to countless posts debating this very issue. Before getting into why this might be, ...

Cairo Scene
Windmills and Headspins: The Lack of a Real Breakdancing Scene in Cairo

Breakdancing; the art of moving your bodies in ways that many thought unimaginable, the stylish aesthetics, the intricate moves, amazing athleticism, and personality, or "swag" needed to break it all down. The dynamid phenomenon constitutes one of the three pillars of hip-hop - rap, graffiti, and breakdancing.