Morgan Herbert

Content Writer

Location icon United States of America

Morgan writes across a variety of styles and disciplines. She is focused on providing high-quality material to help her clients connect with their audiences through meaningful, engaging content.

Morgan holds a bachelor's degree in English. She specializes in blog posts, informative articles, and marketing copy. She also writes fiction, as well as personal and cultural essays. Her work has appeared most recently in Blue Ridge Country magazine.

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Appalachian Literature Is Not an Oxymoron

Guest post by Morgan Herbert "Appalachian literature? Isn't than an oxymoron?" The sophomore snorted at her own joke and sauntered off. By then, I was used to getting reactions ranging from smirks to snide comments or--worst of all--a condescending "correction" of my pronunciation of "Appalachia" whenever I mentioned that I was taking an Appalachian...

Challenged and Banned Children's Books

The list of challenged, censored, and banned children's books numbers in the thousands. Anyone can challenge a book; this occurs most frequently in public schools, when a parent, church, or advocacy group objects to a book in the curriculum. A challenge is an attempt to have the book removed or restricted, and is not always successful.
Heritage in the Digital Age

The Appalachian Project, a multimedia venture founded by Virginia natives Shane Simmons and Jason Barton, uses technology to link Appalachia's past, present and future. The project was initially conceived as a documentary; Simmons and Barton wanted to showcase the rich heritage that makes the Appalachian region unique by interviewing elderly Appalachians who have lived through booms and busts, and who offer insights into modern Appalachian culture.