Monte Davis

Writer, editor, communications strategist

United States

Speechwriter and print, web, video communications for F500 companies in IT, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and other industries; science and technology writer for national magazines


Corporate Communications

IBM analyst teleconference
A CEO lays out the strategy

Command performance: Talking to the people who talk to the people who buy (or sell) your stock

Computer Reseller News - Canon USA
Laser Printer Ad

Concept & copy: One of several dozen ads, brochures, and dealer promotion pieces produced with Canon's graphic designers. (2-page view)

The Unseen Enemy

For Pfizer's launch of a new antifungal drug, this video-wall "attract loop" drew viewers to a menu of video segments on infections and their treatment

Science/Technology Writing

Discover Magazine
Apocalypse Then

New evidence of a catastrophic meteor impact made scientists reconsider mass extinctions

Personal Computing Magazine
The Chip at 35

40 years since this survey of how the transistor and integrated circuits had accelerated computing. (Spoiler: they haven't stopped.) - Ad Astra
Thinking Clearly About Space

Parts 2-4:

OMNI Magazine
Richard Feynman Interview

"I've learned how to live without knowing... I'm delighted with the width of the world!"