Monika J. B.

Content Strategist. Digital Marketer. PR Girl.

Hong Kong

Monika is a quintessential millennial wife, exploring communication avenues, one city at a time. From Corporate Communications in Mumbai to Beauty & Wellness PR in New York City to Content Marketing in Hong Kong, she continues to be a sucker for Netflix binges. In a vast ocean of brand campaigns & marketing, she is a gold fish with clear thoughts who understands the nuance of powerful communication.


Promotional Material

Fashion Styling Posts for Social Media

Collaborating styling techniques with my words to market on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest for the brand Samira Buchi New York.

Fashion & Food

Samira Buchi New York
The Art of Minimalism

An authored blog article for Samira elaborating her beliefs and inspirations behind the designing of her handbags.

Samira Buchi New York
Why Unisex Fashion is Appealing

Positioning Samira Buchi as a thought leader in the space - focussing on various multi-usage of a luxury investment.

Pop Culture & Entertainment

Profiles & Interviews