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Monica Dupuy


Location icon United States

One part creativity, two parts caffeine
USC School of Cinematic Arts 2019

I'm a screenwriter who got inspired the way all screenwriters do - by the allure of the glitz and glamor of that biz we call show. And when the glitter and glamor gave way to the cold hard reality of being a screenwriter bathed in the lonely light of a computer screen, I kept at it.

My work ranges from comedy to drama to political commentary. Actually, all of it is political commentary. What can I say, it's 2019, if you're not a feminist, it's time to wake up and smell the female empowerment coffee.

I've worked at film festivals from Cannes to Sundance and let me tell you, fetching sparkling water for producers who wear sunglasses indoors isn't easy work! Highlights include working at 3 different production companies, 1 agency, 2 nonprofits and a small stint at the USC art museum. I've written everything from artist profiles to short stories to contest-winning scripts. Apart from that, I've spent the past few years at the University of Southern California where I was blessed to study Cinema and Media Studies at the film school.

I'm a storyteller through and through. Here are my stories.

Personal Script
Harvest Moon

A government program promises impoverished families that health can be rewarded...but at a cost.

Personal Script
Executive Order #1394

A young college student tries to escape a fate bestowed upon him by a xenophobic president.

Personal Script
How to Say Goodbye

Forced out of housing by the high cost of living in the Bay Area, Kathryn struggles to part with her hometown.

Personal Script
Crisis Point

A young girl has questions for God after finding out she's pregnant.