Molly Jean Bennett

Writer, Multimedia Producer

United States of America

I write about food, visual art, and historical oddities. I'm interested in the history of sprinkles, the future of farming, and the best way to make waffles right now. To work with me, email me at [email protected].

Who You Gonna Call in a Baking Emergency?

A few years ago, an elderly man called Mikayla Spaulding with urgent question about a cherry pie. As Mikayla puts it, the man "had never baked a single thing in his life" and he wanted Mikayla to tell him how to get started. Oh, and he was working on a tight deadline.
Fish Poop and Fungi Minifarms Are the Future of Urban Agriculture

When you picture the quintessential American farmer, what comes to mind? The person you imagine might not look much like the mostly young, stylishly coiffed group of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs that gathered to hobnob in a low-lit Brooklyn bar on a recent Thursday evening.

I Dressed Like My Femme Grandma For A Week & Here's What Happened

Winter is coming. For me, this means my wardrobe is slipping further and further into New York City-stereotype territory ahead of the wintry parade of black coats and en masse seasonal affective disorder. There's definitely something comfortable about rocking a uniform of grays, blues, and blacks

The Billfold
On The Difference Between Frivolous and Justifiable Wants

I want this dress and I'm not sure how to feel about it. Here is my situation: I want an artsy horse dress. It's oversized, boxy, and made of a fabric printed with orange and blue horses arranged in pleasing, whimsical clusters. It costs $81 on Etsy and ships free from Russia.
How to Throw a Great British Bake Off Dinner Party

Like many fans of edible windmills, gentle strangers and bun-centric baking puns, I was crushed to learn that The Great British Bake Off will be losing its most beloved talent after a split between the production company and the BBC.
Home-Cooked Doritos: Adventures in Approximating Commercial Snacks

I love snacks. This is an uncontroversial position. Nutter Butters, cheese balls, Oreos, wasabi almonds, cinnamon bears-these are among life's simple joys. A few months ago, I began to develop an interest in replicating commercial snacks in my home kitchen after my friends made a batch of exceptional Cheez-Its at our Great British Bake Off dinner party.
Which Sprinkles Are the Best Sprinkles?

Sprinkles are joy personified. From funfetti icing to the unicorn latte, they seem to scream "this food a special treat!" There are those grinchy sourpusses who argue that sprinkles don't bring much in the flavor department and are just useless added sugar.

The Billfold
How I Got My Bikini Brain

My budget is not like my diet, and for me, that's a good thing. Two summers ago, I did something unthinkable. I bought a bikini. To wear on my body. As the survivor of a nasty teenage eating disorder and years of lingering insecurity, the two-piece bathing suit was a frontier I never thought I'd cross.

Why I'm Celebrating My Eating Disorder's 10th Birthday

A few months ago, my eating disorder turned 10. I didn't throw her a party. Depending on how I measure her beginning - whether by when she started or when she was named - her birth date falls in either in July or December of 2005.

The Masters Review
A Particular Woman

In Molly Jean Bennett's "A Particular Woman," the parts of a woman's body become vibrant, unforgettable characters in themselves. The bladder is a wallflower at parties. The right knee is an outdoorsman who loves classic rock. We are proud to feature this short and stunning story as part of our New Voices series.

Art, Math, Mystery: Stylometry - PRX

Can style be measured? Is it possible to express with numbers? Visual stylometry is a new branch of mathematics that uses math to determine the style of a particular artist's body of work. In this #PRXSTEM piece, co-producers Jenny Chen and Molly Jean Bennett take a look at how this works, how well it works, and what ...