Melissa Monroe

Live entertainment venue operator/manager

United States

Founder and sole operator of 775-cap live entertainment venue. Promoter and talent booker with strong and varied history in sales, marketing and media.


Online Copy


The legendary auditorium is now an event center. Our stage is state of the art and perfect for large or small productions, entertainment or education. Known as the "Pride of the Eastside" Douglass High School was a center of creativity from 1934 until 1955.

OU Health
Let's Talk - Connie's Prostate Cancer Journey

While talking about prostate cancer can be uncomfortable to many men, Connie Tubbs is not the least bit shy to tell you about his journey. Tubbs is 68 and wears a broad smile. He loves life, his wife of 47 years, his kids, grandbabies and his one great-grandbaby.

INTEGRIS Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Responsible for writing copy for the entire, earliest version of INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital. Website consisted of more than 30 pages of copy detailing concepts, care, physicians and staff profiles as well as research findings and best practices.

Broadcast Copy

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation
Radio Spot :30

:30 second spot promoting Aquatic Therapy

Video News Release

V/o script and details video news release furnished to local stations and regional/national network feeds.