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Columbia Daily Spectator
Barnard to no longer participate in CUE pre-orientation program

Barnard students are no longer eligible to participate in Columbia Urban Experience-a community service pre-orientation program-starting with next year's class of 2020. Of the three pre-orientation programs offered by Columbia, CUE, International Student Orientation Program, and Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program, CUE was the only Columbia pre-orientation program open to Barnard.

Columbia Daily Spectator
Barnard looks to increase student awareness about Being Barnard

Following a semester of student and administrator confusion surrounding Being Barnard, the college's education and awareness campaign, Barnard is looking to increase awareness and student participation with additional mandatory programming and a film contest. Being Barnard seeks to educate students about issues of "wellness, relationships, intervention, social identities and social power, and violence education."

the Southerner Online
Increase in testing days evokes debate

Each year students at Grady take mandated standardized tests. Teachers and students alike lament that an increase in testing has led to a greater loss of instructional time.

The Southerner
U.S. attorney general targets nation's 'justice issue'

As part of a national tour to discuss public safety and racial issues in light of the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to the Atlanta community at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Dec. 1.

The Southerner
Grady gun incidents you haven't heard of

Grady was thrown into the media spotlight last school year when a senior brought a gun to school that accidentally discharged in her pocket as she walked through the courtyard. The bullet hit her leg and no one else was injured. Morgan Tukes' weapon was a pink .380-caliber handgun.

The Southerner
BeltLine funding creates dispute between APS, city

The Atlanta BeltLine is a work in progress, but the walking and biking trails have already gained popularity across the city. The multibillion dollar project, however, is primarily funded by a Tax Allocation District, or TAD, which uses a portion of property tax revenue that would otherwise be allocated to the Atlanta Public Schools and Fulton County.

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