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I've written content for the American rubber and insurance industries, am also a multi-published romance novelist, and digital and acrylic artist.



Brunswick Companies
Is Your Small Business Insurance Ready for Your Growth This Year? | Brunswick Companies

Many small businesses expect to grow this year. However, with that growth, there are risks. While being able to grow is excellent, it does require planning to mitigate the risks of moving to a new location, hiring an employee, offering a new service or releasing a new product, and/or buying new furniture or equipment.

Brunswick Companies
Excess Liability Insurance Is Critical To Personal Risk Managment

If you own a home, a car, a pool, or entertain at home, serve on a nonprofit association's board, or employ domestic staff, there is a high probability that your assets are not adequately protected. Excess liability insurance helps protect what you have spent a lifetime building when an unexpected occurrence turns into a liability judgement against you.

Brunswick Companies
Why You Need Non-Profit Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

If you sit on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization, you have gone out of your way to help others. You want to make a difference, lend a hand in making the world a better place. But did you know that you may also be held liable for the actions you take for that organization?


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