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Min Jung Kim

Producer, Curious traveler, Explorer, Story teller


TV Producer work (Published) - News

Olympic legacy: What happens when the games end?

The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics are coming to an end, but residents of the region hope the tourists, and the prospect of peace with North Korea, won't leave with the Games.

South Korea: Courier find success by employing the elderly

In South Korea, courier companies employing only elderly workers have been expanding. They are able to offer lower delivery charges to their customers by taking advantage of free subway passes available to citizens over the age of 65. Al Jazeera's Florence Looi reports from Seoul.

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English articles (published)

The Japan Times
In Seoul, authentic Japanese food inspires everyday happiness | The Japan Times

If the South Korean wave has hit the Japanese entertainment industry, the Japanese wave has hit the South Korean dining scene. From neon hiragana signs and cozy ramen restaurants to backstreet izakaya taverns, Seoul's street scene signals South Koreans' increasing familiarity with Japanese cuisine.

The Japan Times
South Korean 'job nomads' follow their dreams to Japan | The Japan Times

"Not my family, friends - not even me - nobody thought I would end up working in Japan," says Yoon Hyejung, a South Korean graduate who made headlines in the domestic media for receiving an offer from a top Japanese company without having what South Koreans call "specs."

The Japan Times
Rugby fever draws Japan youth to New Zealand | The Japan Times

The rising popularity of rugby in Japan is having spinoff effects for the nation's relationship with New Zealand as students increasingly choose to study in the rugby stronghold. After the Brave Blossoms' historic victory against South Africa in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in the U.K.

The New Zealand Herald
Thai international students asked to adopt "culturally acceptable" names

Thai students, with nicknames like Poo, Pee and Porn, are being asked to change their names for "smoother cultural integration" in New Zealand. It is a cultural norm for Thais to have nicknames, with many given by their parents or family members at birth.

The Japan Times
Surviving Japan on an international student's budget | The Japan Times

Tokyo university attendees offer tips for making the most out of life here with the minimum of yen Special To The Japan Times Anyone who has ever been a university student probably remembers trying to scrape together the equivalent of a dollar or two for a bus fare or some instant noodles while ruing a heavy night on the town and the huge hole it left in their monthly budget.

Studying in Denmark: The simple life or a tough nut to crack?

Another year is coming to a close for Denmark's university students, but for many exchange and international students, it is not just the end of a semester, but the final chapter of their memorable time abroad. Few are likely to forget their time in the happiest nation in the world and Denmark has been attracting more international attention and curiosity in recent years.

Born in Denmark, at home in South Korea, heart and Seoul!

This man learned 11 languages in three months," the Google ad proclaims. And it's true: with hyperpolyglots comes a lot of hyperbole. You click on the link and discover they were all related to two he already knew. And none of them were Korean!

Out and About: Life and Seoul of the party

Around 40 people participated in a Korean youth meetup at the Irish Rover in Copenhagen on Saturday. Ranging from Korean exchange students, workers and travellers to local Danes interested in the country, they shared their laughter, life stories and experiences in Denmark. "I received help from such gatherings when I first arrived here.

The New Zealand Herald
Hiroshima survivor finally speaks

More than 70 years after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Akiko Burke is finally talking about it. The 87-year-old Japanese native was a teenager when she heard the earth-shattering boom after the US dropped nuclear weapons on her home country, killing about 140,000 people, 71 years ago tomorrow.


Washington Post
What do we know about Kim Jong Un? Very little. That makes this guy an expert.

Kenji Fujimoto came prepared with a page of handwritten notes about North Korea's nuclear test the previous day. His conclusion: Kim Jong Un's top priority is to improve the economy, so he needed to advertise his country's technology to potential customers such as Iran. This kind of analysis is Fujimoto's stock-in-trade these days.

Washington Post
Japan and South Korea argue over a chocolate-covered pretzel stick

Pocky & Pretz Day in Japan. Pepero Day in Korea. November 11. Happy Pocky & Pepero Day everyone♥ Greetings from Tokyo #pocky #pepero #bothtastegood #1111 A photo posted by Min Jung Kim (@mjk.instag) on South Korea and Japan fight over a group of guano-covered rocky islets in the sea between them.

Korean Articles (Published)

트래비 (TRAVIE)
열도의 파도는 타봤니?

도쿄에 살고 있는 트래비스트 김민정씨. 그녀가 뜨겁고 습한 도쿄의 여름을 탈출해 잠시 에노시마에 다녀왔다. 불과 1시간 거리에 '서핑'이 있었다.

트래비 (TRAVIE)
지금, 파리지엥들은 산책 중

지금 파리에는 천 가지 넘는 꽃이 흐드러지게 피었다. 마음이 차분해지는 잔잔한 호숫가와 고성을 거닐다 보면 저 멀리 에펠탑이 보인다. 여유롭고 아늑한 공간을 찾는 파리지엥들의 휴식처, 뱅센(Vincennes)의 모습이다. 어느 따스한 봄날, 나도 그들을 따라 걸었다.

트래비 (TRAVIE)
상실이 예술이 되는 도시

무너진 건물들, 싸늘한 거리. 예전과 같지 않다 생각해 크라이스트처치를 그냥 지나친다면 모험가로서 큰 손해다. 재난의 아픔을 서로가 보듬으며 만져 주고 있는 크라이스트처치는 이 세상 그 어느 곳에서도 찾아 볼 수 없는 색다른 도시다.

Multimedia (Co-work)

The Washington Post
Camera Work: 'Try before you buy, or die: Coffin shopping in Japan'

Japan's population is rapidly aging, giving a boost to the business of dying. Post Tokyo bureau chief Anna Fifield tries out one of the coffins for sale at a recent expo devoted to end-of-life planning. ( ) Try before you buy, or die: Coffin shopping in Japan

Washington Post
Camera Work: 'Japan has made cola-flavored chips, and they're not bad.'

TOKYO - Japan is renowned for its unusual flavor combinations. Take the purple sweet potato Kit Kat as Exhibit A and the curry donut as Exhibit B. Now Calbee, the Japanese snack maker, has joined forces with game company Namco to produce a new flavor sensation: the cola chip.

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