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Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Using DNA sequencing to uncover more inherited cancer mutations

For people with a family history of cancer, genetic testing may uncover critical, even lifesaving clues. If they find out they've inherited a DNA mutation that raises their risk for breast cancer, for example, they'll know to get more frequent mammograms and other screenings, they may be more alert to potential symptoms, they may even opt for prophylactic surgery, as actress Angelina Jolie did.


In Room 113 of the Lago-Mar Motel, 16-year-old Barbara Pullman kneeled over the lifeless, blood-drenched body of her boyfriend, David Corbitt, 34. It was just after midnight on Dec. 3 and she started talking as soon as she saw the Lake Worth police officers.

NBC News
'Deadly Triangle'

Video on msnbc.com: Michelle Theer felt trapped in a troubled marriage with her husband & Air Force pilot Marty. When she started a torrid affair with Army Ranger John Diamond, all three of their lives would never be the same.

Pharmacy linked to horse deaths

A pharmacy acknowledged Thursday that it had incorrectly mixed a vitamin compound given to 21 polo horses before they collapsed and died. The horses belonging to the Lechuza Caracas polo team fell ill Sunday at the International Polo Club Palm Beach. Some died on the field, some in trailers and others in the hospital.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Consider Risks Before Using Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the dinner party equivalent of politics and religion: a subject with strong and divided opinions certain to evoke spirited debate. Conflicting clinical data and discrepancies among studies have left the medical community with little to agree on.

Keller spews hatred at his ex-wife's family

Unrepentant and unremorseful, Fred Keller spewed hatred and blame from the witness stand Friday just before he learned his punishment for killing his fifth ex-wife and trying to kill her brother: two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.


PALM BEACH -- In a private ceremony that sparked a public spectacle, billionaire Donald Trump got married Saturday before hosting a gala reception at his seaside estate that was bedecked with enough gold, diamonds and celebrity to rival the starry night.

Mansion to meager: Millionaire now inmate

Fred Keller's home truly was his castle - a seven-bedroom, seven-bath waterfront manse of 11,600 square feet. The double-lot estate on the ritzy island of Palm Beach included a pool, an elevator and a boat dock. Now, after his conviction earlier this year of murdering his fifth ex-wife and trying to inflict the same fate on her brother in 2003, Keller's surroundings are meager.