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Sophie is a fan of sustainable way of living and thinking. As a DIY enthusiast Sophie dreams about small house in countryside. You can often find her in her kitchen, cooking and exploring new recipes. Sophie also loves to spread her words around the web.

Let's Organize a Party Without Stress

Let's Organize a Party Without Stress! Organizing a party can be tough, especially if you're throwing one for your best friend who is getting married soon, or if you're the one who is getting married and would like to keep everything under control. From ordering food and drinks and picking out th...

How to Organize Wedding without Stress

How to Organize Wedding without Stress Planning out the most important day of your life is an exciting process, but it can also be pretty stressful. There are menus to choose, guests to invite, flowers to select, and venues to decide on. Then, you have to consider the decor, the entertainment, th...

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Seasonal wedding food & decoration trends to create a unique event

If you're a girl who has always dreamed about her perfect wedding day - welcome to the club, you're definitely in the right place! There are numerous wedding food and decoration trends you should take into consideration if you're about to get married this year - especially in spring, which is the most perfect season for a wedding - so check them out and plan your big day to the tiniest detail.

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Urban Farming | How To Grow Vegetables In Your Home

At least once in a lifetime every nature-lover wishes to be a farmer. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of filling a 4 gallon watering can and strolling down the rows of radishes and onions to see how the tomatoes are hanging.

7 vegan pizza recipes you can make at home - Encyclopizzeria

The key to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, leafy greens, seeds, legumes, and nuts make a healthy vegan diet. Luck for vegans everywhere, they're all included in my list of 7 vegan pizza recipes you can make at home.

9 Reasons Why Steam Cooking Is Beneficial For You

Although this practice may be considered trendy for the time being, this particular way of cooking has been around for more than 8.000 years. In ancient China, vessels known as yan steamers were used to cook rice, and the , the prehistoric excavation site near the Yangzi River.
Fish Stew with Passion -

Every one of us knows that eating fish is healthy, and truly, most of us try to have at least one fish meal per week. Fish stew is also very popular mean for raising your temperature and keeping yourself full during lazy cold days.

The basics of pairing drinks with your food

We all love those scenes in movies when some suave secret agent confronts the big bad guy behind the dinner table, and completely humiliates him with his perfect knowledge of combining food with drinks.

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Famous restaurants that are made from second-hand shipping containers

The following guest blog post was submitted by Sophie Andersen: Starting a restaurant is financially challenging these days, with all the fees and expenses you have to cover. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are turning to second-hand shopping containers in order to save some money.

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Christmas Gifts from Your Kitchen

Our favorite winter holiday is around the corner and it's time to wrap up another great year and presents that complement it respectfully. What better way to tell those closest to you how much they mean to you than by giving them handmade gifts full of love?