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Communications Specialist

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Formerly a business journalist, writing and content creation have been key components of my career as a marketer for a global academic publisher, and within the charity sector. I have broad experience writing for publications from local newspapers to global platforms, and on subjects as broad as gender-based violence, social mobility, international development and commercial law. My previous work has included producing marketing content for agencies working with international brands, and my journalistic work has been published in The Independent and the Evening Standard. As a communications professional, I have a strong track record of securing press and media coverage in publications such as the Evening Standard and Thompson Reuters Foundation, and with broadcasters including BBC News and Sky News.

The Huffington Post
Parenting With Heart And Backbone To Improve Social Mobility

Social mobility in the UK has stagnated, with just 1 in 8 children from low-income families likely to become a high-income earner as an adult. There are many factors that impact social mobility, but we know that parenting is one of the most significant in determining a child's life chances.

Evening Standard
Liz Fraser - a true mobile professional

It only takes a quick scroll down Liz Fraser’s Twitter feed to realise that this is a woman who never stands still. From recording interviews for her upcoming podcast series, “Life Shambles” to snapping beautiful photos for her blog, Liz is a self-professed workaholic.“It’s sad but true,” she laughs. “I do a lot of TV, I write columns and articles. I love working and keeping busy.” Liz is a best-selling author, columnist and broadcaster, and to add to her accolades, last year she packed out...

The Independent
Thug Notes: YouTube comic brings literary Classics to the masses

For those students who hastily scan SparkNotes, Wikipedia or CliffNotes before a seminar, the latest comedy sensation to hit YouTube could be a godsend. Sparky Sweets PhD invites his viewers to join him as he gives the lowdown on the great and the good of literature, urging his Twitter followers to, "Educate yo'self, son", by using his Thug Notes.

Top 5 most infamous company implosions | OUPblog

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the world has paid close attention to corporations and banks around the world that have faced financial trouble, especially if there is some aspect of scandal involved. The list below gives a brief overview of some of the most notorious company implosions from the last three decades.

Harassment Is: a Hollaback! site leader's perspective

I'm Miranda - I'm a co-site leader for Hollaback! Oxford. Hollaback! is a global movement to end street harassment or sexual harassment in public spaces, and we launched the Oxford site in July this year to end the issue of street harassment in our local area.

Removing the stigma from parenting classes

Parenting classes can get a lot of bad press. For some, they are a long-demonised service that has been portrayed in the media as a means for the government or an authority figure to tell parents how to raise their children – the ‘nanny state’ in action. It’s not surprising therefore that a stigma exists, as historically some parenting classes using an expert model have tended to come across as judgemental and instructional, rather than exploratory, supportive and nurturing.

Evening Standard
New treatment offers last hope for London boy to beat cancer

A London boy with a rare childhood cancer has flown to Mexico for what could prove to be the last chance to save his life. Six-year-old Mitchell Huth, from Hornchurch, who suffers from neuro-blastoma, will receive experimental photodynamic therapy treatment.

Top Ten Lies Your Housemate Will Tell You

As much as you may love the people you co-habit with, the university housemate is a secretive, sometimes sneaky creature. On the surface they look so friendly, you've shared so many great memories together. But then you find your milk is diminishing faster than you expected, and promises made at the beginning of your tenancy...

Mrs Dalloway and Flower Petal Cupcakes

"Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself." As hostess, mother and wife, the heroine to one of Virginia Woolf's most famous works breezes as candidly into this novel as she falls out of it; and ever hiding the depth of her anxieties from the outside world under a veneer of lightness and femininity.

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