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I am a PA-based writer with nearly 15 years of experience writing across different industries. I strive to create content that informs, as well as engages my readers. Ultimately, I am fueled by my desire to learn more about the world around me.


Blog Copy & Listicles
Cut Your Peaches To This Size For Perfect Cobbler - Mashed

Arina P Habich/Shutterstock If you're a fan of peaches, you might be tempted to think that bigger is better in terms of letting the flavor shine, but that is not the case when making a peach cobbler. If you cut your peaches too thick, you'll likely be left with hard fruit that is not entirely cooked through.

Nerd Much?
11 Awesome Nerdy Kitchen Gifts

You may think you have a pretty nerd-friendly abode - from Star Wars sheets in the bedroom to the Game of Thrones sword replicas in the living room and a blood-spattered zombie shower curtain in the bathroom. But what about the kitchen?

Nerd Much?
10 Best Comic Book Crossovers You Never Saw Coming

They say opposites attract, and that apparently applies to comic book properties just as much as it does people. Throughout the years we've seen both heroes and villains traversing galaxies, dimensions, and even different entertainment mediums for shocking -albeit short-lived - series collaborations.

Web Copy

Eclectic Design Group
Eclectic Design Group - full website

I wrote the copy for the entirety of the Eclectic Design Group website. I was able to develop this copy by referring to an outline the client provided and having a discussion with them about their desired tone and objectives.

31 Pumpkin Lane website
31 Pumpkin Lane - Our Story

I wrote a creative short introductory story for the Our Story page of the 31 Pumpkin Lane website.

Philadelphia Gas Works
Imposter Awareness

Web content for utility company about imposter awareness.

Video Talking Points

Features and Reviews

Gothic Beauty Magazine
Kathleen Marie Couture | Gothic Beauty Magazine

A young Kathleen Marie sat in her 9th grade history class, watching a re-enactment of the French Revolution. As part of the act, a nun entered the classroom, but in place of her traditional nun's habit she came wrapped in a vintage fur coat, dripping with rhinestones and costume jewelry, attempting to portray the late Marie Antoinette.

Gothic Beauty Magazine
Bring Magic to Your Life and Wardrobe with Crystal Cactus | Gothic Beauty Magazine

Sometimes a necklace is just a necklace. Other times, when it includes sage cleansed clear quartz crystals, a necklace can be a powerful tool that draws off negativity and offers mental revitalization. Crystal Cactus, the brainchild of Myspace queen turned energy healer, Audrey Kitching, is an online shop specializing in jewelry, housewares, and bath items that hold a lot more significance than just looking pretty.

Gothic Beauty Magazine
The Art of Shawn Dubin | Gothic Beauty Magazine

A few years back while at a Philadelphia comic convention, sandwiched among the Archie comics and oil paintings of Superman, one artist's table full of beautifully dark prints caught my eye. It seemed ever so slightly out of place-simple black and white color schemes which contrasted with the brightly-colored costumed heroes in their midst.

Internal Employee Communications

SEO Copy

American Furniture Galleries - Quality Home Furniture in Sacramento, CA

Now that August is coming to an end, autumn is just around the corner. It will soon be time to say goodbye to long days and sunny skies, and say hello to chilly winds and pumpkin spice. Before the new season officially arrives, you should take some time to make your home autumn-ready.

How to Create a Bedroom Your Child Will Love

Designing a child's bedroom can be tricky. While you may be in search of furniture that is strong and durable, your child will simply want furniture that is playful and fun, and finding products that please both parties can be a challenge.

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