Marissa Phillips


United States

I am a PA-based writer with more than a decade of experience writing across different industries. I am fueled by my desire to learn more about the world around me.


Articles & Blog Posts

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)
CRP advertisements

Developed copy for PGW's CRP campaign. Campaign images were featured on billboards, bus shelters, and in digital ads.

Website Copy

Eclectic Design Group
Eclectic Design Group - full website

I wrote the copy for the entirety of the Eclectic Design Group website. I was able to develop this copy by referring to an outline the client provided and having a discussion with them about their desired tone and objectives.

The Energy Innovation Lab - homepage

Developed homepage copy for the Energy Innovation Lab, a program developed by Philadelphia Gas Works and the Temple Small Business Development Center.

31 Pumpkin Lane website
31 Pumpkin Lane - Our Story

I wrote a creative short introductory story for the Our Story page of the 31 Pumpkin Lane website.

Internal Employee Communications

SEO Copy

American Furniture Galleries - Quality Home Furniture in Sacramento, CA

Now that August is coming to an end, autumn is just around the corner. It will soon be time to say goodbye to long days and sunny skies, and say hello to chilly winds and pumpkin spice. Before the new season officially arrives, you should take some time to make your home autumn-ready.

How to Create a Bedroom Your Child Will Love

Designing a child's bedroom can be tricky. While you may be in search of furniture that is strong and durable, your child will simply want furniture that is playful and fun, and finding products that please both parties can be a challenge.