Mina Riazi


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Mina Riazi is a writer and editor with social media experience.

Most recently, she oversaw the production of Beverly Hills Weekly, one of two newspapers serving the City of Beverly Hills. As the editor, she single-handedly researched, wrote and edited 10 pages of news articles on a weekly basis.

While at Beverly Hills Weekly, she interviewed more than 50 community leaders, including radio personality Kerri Kasem, Congressmember Ted Lieu and former presidential counsel John Dean.

Her articles have also appeared in San Diego Magazine, San Diego CityBeat, Riviera Magazine and The Florentine.


Restaurant Reviews

San Diego CityBeat
The spice is right at Island Spice Jamaican

The aptly named Island Spice Jamaican Restaurant (2820 Market St. in Grant Hill) doesn't skimp on spices. Even the beef patty—a chubby, golden pastry that looks harmless—packs enough sinus-clearing heat to get you through two colds.

San Diego CityBeat
A-Chau rolls out top-notch egg rolls

It didn't take long for me to learn what the main attraction is at A-Chau in City Heights. When it was my turn to order, I sheepishly stammered that I didn't know what to pick. A guy next to me paused from double-knotting his takeout bag and blurted two words: "egg rolls."

San Diego Magazine
Mother's Day Brunches

A guide to the best there is to sip and savor on Mother's Day.


Vendor Interview: Joielala Photographie

Dynamic duo Taryn Kent & Shelby Clark are the friends behind Joielala Photographie. Read on to find out where they get their inspiration and why they have the picture-perfect partnership.

Ads, Email Blasts and Marketing Collateral

Chic Peek
Style Tips

Monthly "Style Tips" newsletter that I write for fashion e-commerce startup Chic Peek.

Chic Peek
Ring Party

I wrote the copy for this Chic Peek email blast.

Chic Peek
Festival Fun

I produced the copy for this Chic Peek collection banner.

Chic Peek
California Cool

I produced the copy for this Chic Peek collection banner.

Chic Peek
Atlantis Necklace

One of countless jewelry descriptions that I have written for Chic Peek. I also name the jewelry pieces.